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smoke weed and make music-- what is ambition?

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hand out to ppl codes with free music oin or gas or whatever the f the lowest credit to work with… as an introduction to the musicoin lifestyle choice.

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i am new to this but i spotted a trend today worh noting: all week bitcoin has been tryingto break passed 8500 again and NOW right when ppl got paid from real life jobs all of the sudden EVERY coin is going up on the coin market cap. just sayin, like

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I just put up a bunch of tracks, and I noticed the MUSIC coin value on cryptopia is going up, even though BCN and ETH and all are going down. Does it happen like that or am I just trippin?

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Have you ever been to ihatebreakcore? the contests were fun back in 2008

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anyone producing anti -NWO material?

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