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@cheddr Changes are done on the site frequently and some technical difficulties may be experienced. Please have a patience ☺

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@George-Escalante Entering the link to description field is a way that you can do it so people can see the video(on external pages, platform were it was released)if they are interested. ☺

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@clive-fuller-0 Hi Clive
Can you try this:

  1. Log out from musician profile
  2. Go to forum
  3. Click should be redirected to sign up page...if it's not done automatically just reload the page if you get stuck on a blank page after clicking on the login
  4. Choose google there.
  5. It will redirect you to the forum and hopefully, you should be logged to your old account. ☺
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@george-escalante Devs are working on some site updates and maintenance, you can post the link to your track here regardless of if you can play it at the moment ☺

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Let's continue our weekly contest for song of the week.
It's the week of DRUM & BASS (all sub-genres are welcome)!

Show us your tracks in this genre!
Let's see/hear some nice tracks from our library.

Here's how this should work:

  1. Nominate only your own track(s) by posting URL here on this topic.
  2. We would like to hear some new, quality tracks from you so releases should not be older than 2 months(on our platform).
  3. The track should be in the genre/style which is set for the current week. Those tracks totally out of the genre will be rejected.
  4. We will have different genre every week.
  5. Upvoting the post will be the way of voting.
  6. A reward for the winner will be 1000 MC.
    In case we have two or more posts/tracks with the same number of votes the oldest post will be a winner.

Voting will end on Sunday 5/27 at 9pm UTC.

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** Vote for artist of the week** [WEEK 19]

Future polls will be created every Sunday 9pm UTC.
Support an artist that you like with your vote.
Click on your choice, then hit "VOTE" to register.

Check artists here
Tracey Arbon
Diane Hall
SAY What Sthlm
Living Weary

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Congrats to our winner @Seven-Epigonus 🎸
Thanks everyone for your submissions ☺

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