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Just enter email, then pass, put a check mark in the reCAPTCHA(solve it if it asks you to do it) and hit login. So you just skip phone part. ☺

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The Old School
Shades of Sorrow
Lucid Vision


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@taphophilia Sorry for the inconvenience, devs are working on all fronts and this part will be advanced too.
Yes you can login with email and password from .
Just sign out from your musician account and then login with email and password. After that go to forum.
Or you can try to login with Google account (authenticate with google) and then go to the forum.
One of these two(if not both) options must work 🙂

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@taphophilia Actually you are the first one reporting that withdrawal problem.

Please try now to connect your Google account to Musicoin profile, the account which caused the problem is deleted now.
By using Google login withdrawal confirmation will be sent to Gmail address. 🙂

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Hello @ciarrocchi , thanks for reporting this bug.
I’ll inform our dev team. ☺

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Yes, we are asking more from artists in order to verify account than other platforms do and there are proper reasons for that.
Having just email confirmation to approve artist profile is really scary.
Some measures must exist in order to protect the best interests of the Service and the community.
Please write to if you need any assistance regarding verification.

@victoryonemusic Profiles are processed within 24h after your first track upload. Your profile is verified. 🙂

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Oh, I see.
Don’t worry it will be fixed. Please have a patience. ☺

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I see the whole poll. Have you tried reducing the page zoom in the browser? ☺

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