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One thing to point out too if you’re feeling discouraged about the community is that it is incredibly difficult to get communities off the ground while they’re made up of mostly artists (and in this case developers as well.) Artists usually have less time and money than the average working individual; I myself haven’t logged on the listen to anyone’s music for almost a week and it’s simply because I’ve been hard at work mixing my album.

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Ultimately it depends on us; creating fanbases outside of the community and ushering them in.

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@ciarrocchi and all

Here you go!!
I uploaded a ton more music!

Here’s the latest single:

I also uploaded the rest of ESC Key!

New music coming soon!

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I’m a SUCKER for Country so I gotta go for Texas Crossing, but Crystal Casey is AMAZING and I’m glad she’s doing so well!!!
Anyone know how to enter your music in this? Or is it just selected?

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I love “Mantra Bliss” !

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I’ve gotta say Choon has a really sleek website; they’ve got their marketing DOWN I mean they know what they’re doing. I mean their logo is a freaking UNICORN! That being said Musicoin definitely feels more like we’ll get back what we put in; the system seems more open, the forums here seem like a great way for developers and users to communicate. What can I say; competition is a good thing! Let’s talk about getting some more listeners!

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@ciarrocchi Thank you so much!
I will! I’ll do it! 😃

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I’m super excited to show this song to you all.
It’s from my 2017 album ESC Key.
This song hits really close for me; I wrote it when overcoming a significant learning disability and learning about confirmation bias and its effects on self confidence. It’s a pretty epic deal. It covers a lot about the higher self, alternative realities, etc

Much love to you all, let me know what you think!
I’ll be uploading two more songs from this album soon, along with my latest single. Then I plan to upload songs early from my upcoming album to be released this october!!!
Here’s my website if you want to hear everything I’ve put out:


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lol I learn something new every day 😅 thanks!

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