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The worlds first blockchain connected smart speaker. On a mission to reconnect musicians and their fans while rewarding them in a fair way. Sign up on our website today and shape the future of music with us. #lovemusic
Official Musicoin hardware partner

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@Bruno-Duprat HI Bruno, you can go to the musicoin release page ( In the future you can find it by clicking on the top right (next to your musicion credit number) and selecting "Release".

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No problem 🙂 It is amazing to be a part of this community

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Good that you are on the lookout! Too many people trying to profit from nothing out there still.

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@ijatz-guatemala That is actually an amazing idea in my opinion, By the way you can call me Tom haha... Even though I run this account we are all still humans 😛

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Cool. The more anthems we get the better. NEed to represent the community more, love the album arts.

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Woah that is an important one! Don't want it to be like youtube mobile where you can't even listen to music without the screen being on. Good find 🙂 @juxta

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Welcome 🙂 Share your stuff when you manage to upload it. Would love to listen!

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Important question. Actual page is more important though don't you think? In My eyes that is what sets Musicoin apart from other streaming services. They actually do while most just raise money and still to this day don't even have a platform.

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Great Work Daniel. I get this question soo much haha..

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