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Official Musicoin hardware partner

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Hi Everyone,
Thank you all for patiently waiting
The winner of the Volareo Jazz competition is @Softly-jazz !!! Congratulations! (submitted on our website)

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To celebrate the successful Musicoin launch presale of Volareo (limited units still available here until Friday) & to celebrate the partnership with JazzDeVille (largest jazz radio in the netherlands), a jazz music contest will be held with a prize of 2000 $MUSIC.

Entering is easy!

  1. Retweet this tweet :
  2. Leave your song link below or if you don’t produce music leave your favourite jazz song on Musicoin

A random winner will be drawn. Giving everyone a fair chance to win. If a curator wins, the winning will be split between the curator and the artist. As submitting someone else’s song increases the artists chances of winning (he/she will then have multiple entries instead one).
The contest runs until this sunday!
More info about the partnership with JazzDeVille here.

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the link is there @Asterios-Papastamatakis the title “don’t stand so close” is a clickable link!
I also found it by accident haha, maybe @Zeljko-Stanojkovski and his team can make the links more visible as they now only turn blue when you highlight them.

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great idea! Please let us know when you upload it, will be happy to support you!

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There will be more soon 🙂 Sign up to our newsletter then you will never miss them!

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FLStudio mobile is so nice to have in the community will help spur on the creation of music everywhere!
Will check out your song 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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Sharing is caring 🙂 Sharing comes with the love of music

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