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@MJMoonbow-aka-Tinman Hey, I just saw that builder’s last commit is behind that of master. I’ll resolve it, thanks!

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@MJMoonbow-aka-Tinman what text fields are still missing? Could you post screenshots?

If it doesn’t connect to the network, that isn’t the wallet’s bug. People have been running wallet v1.5 for months now and its syncing just fine. It does take 2 minutes for go-musicoin to boot up correctly but after that it should be fine. If this still is a bug, please post debug.log here and I can take a look at what’s going wrong.

And I don’t understand “worse with every build”. We fixed the text field bug hours after we released the wallet and then pointed people to builder to download the latest version.

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The Musicoin Team is pleased to announce the release of Wallet v1.5 at Upgrade your wallets now to experience an all new UI, translations into 11 languages and much more!

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And yes, a site overhaul is due, but that shouldn’t affect the forum too much.

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Hey @MJMoonbow-aka-Tinman can you just click “Sign Up with Google” or similar? It should log you in just fine.

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This is a known bug with Facebook and popular sites like Spotify and others are down as a result of this. We’re closely watching for any news of improvement and will keep the community posted on this.

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That would follow soon after 🙂

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Hey @DaveyHub! I agree with you that the team hasn’t communicated its efforts properly to the public. I’ll answer your queries one by one:

  1. When will we get an announcement about if and when the website will move from Beta into a fully operational site ?

The new site will be released in 2 weeks

  1. Also it’s kind of strange that no major labels or artists have joined yet ? If the concept and idea is so great then why wouldn’t they get on board ?

As is the case with good products, they take time to catch on. We are a non profit and we haven’t devoted much time to marketing the product since we felt it would be better to build a stable product and then go out to the world. Rest assured, once the site is out of beta, the marketing team will be firing on full cylinders.

  1. So many questions about the website go unanswered in the forum and thats a worrying thing really

Some of the questions in the forum are
a. already been answered (e.g. why haven’t I been verified)
b. too repetitive
c. speculative

The team tries its best to address issues that arise from time to time. Being a dev, I don’t visit the forum often because most of my time is spent on the wallet and planning for future updates (such as the forum update now). If you have any problems, you can always write to us at

  1. So I guess i’m looking for some answers from somebody as to the future plans of musicoins and when will they start to concentrate on the main thing , the website , and not peripheral hardware and pushing the “coin”

We’ve had a hardfork to support MyEtherWallet and MyCrypto (on whose integration we’re working with the teams), had a brand new Desktop Wallet and now the forum update, with the site following soon after. We’ll also be getting an iOS app in q3-q4, which is being worked on by a their party, along with the speakers. Having a full fledged desktop wallet is critical at the same level as the website itself, so I don’t agree that it amounts to “pushing the coin”.

  1. The whole thing needs to go hand in hand and the website is the first point of call for musicians and listeners and that’s what’s lacking the most at the min … listeners …

To this point, I agree. But as I pointed out in a previous answer, the new site should take the site out of beta, which would make it way more intuitive for listeners and musicians alike

Thanks for bringing up these questions, its always good to hear from the community what your opinion is. I do apologise on behalf of the team for not being so well versed in updating you all with the latest info, but we’ll be doing a bi-monthly dev update from May (when the new site will launch), so that should solve the problem of no communication. Hopefully this answers any concerns you may have.

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We’re running a new experiment to see whether the community likes this layout and if we can continue with this. Please report any issues that you may face here and we’ll try to address it.

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