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find my tracks here… feedback very welcome…

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musician (cello, guitar, electronics, ,…), mixer,… based in vienna (a)

The key word here is ‘atmosphere’. vANdERlAMP has impressively managed to create a variety of soundscapes that are not only stylistic, but also engaging and interesting to listen to. I say ‘listen’, but, in my opinion, you don’t really ‘listen’ to vANdERlAMP, you just press play and you’ll feel him.
(Marcus from On The House )

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the play/pause button is not visible in the player… on chrome… just to let you know… 🙂

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well here we go… darkness go feat. Wondertrack… hope you enjoy… 🙂 .

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really wondering why it is a problem to stream simultaneously from 2 accounts? i have an artist and a listener account and would love to use them at the same time (my wife mostly using the listener account from a different computer in a different room)… i don´t stream my own tracks (only after uploading to check if everything´s fine) so i don´t see where there´s the problem… please solve this as it is not costumer friendly and quite counterproductive in getting more listeners to join musicoin (as it limits the accounts to 1 per household/gateway)… thanx…

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3 tracks from 1 guy in the tipping charts? are you f… kidding me? shall i start tipping 1000 $mc to a friend who tips me back now? well… just let me know… 😉

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@khaiim with juxta here… kind of sucks when a track is cut off… 🙂

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