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Musicoin has the potential to become the new Soudcloud

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I found out about Musicoin in August 2017, thought it was the only cool project I wanted to invest in the blockchain ecosystem. Mine it since November.

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I think so too. But I’m not part of the team and I can’t make the decision for them.

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hi @metkraming it's still in Beta. Waiting for the app to launch for V3. New white paper ni coming this quarter as well.

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Yep I was waiting for it as well for the end of April as announced in a video but nothing so far.
They are probably working on the stability of the latest landing page update 😉 I think but not sure, they will be releasing the new whitepaper in Q3

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Hi @mrice

The cost is assuming by miners and not listeners and as the coin gains in value they will decrease the amount of MC per stream to always sustain a 0.02$-ish stream.

You'll have more details in the white paper, and I believe a new whitepaper (V3) is about to be announced to show what the Proof of sharism will look like (people who share music gets rewarded for doing so) and they will present (I hope) other stuff too (new platform, new features etc).

Thanks @Mar-T for sharing the white paper 🙂


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I like the idea but agree with @Asterios-Papastamatakis we need to release a fully working product otherwise we're going straight to a catastrophe.

At some point, I guess the musicoin team we'll need to market the platform and negotiate deals with labels to attract both listeners and famous artist.

I would love to see Sum41 listed on musicoin too btw... 🙂

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Just came across this awesome news from Ubisoft (who I used to work for) - http://blockchainheroes-ubisoft.com/en/home/

I think this is a terrific occasion to help indi video games gets more revenue from video games music. That is something pascal guyon is working on with a project of his own.

It could be also a new way of getting recognition and spread the love on the whole project.

Musicoin team, what do you think?

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Do we also know if it's a general update (platform + website) or just the front window website update?

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Is there a thread where we can help the dev?

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Great news for the community. @_daniel-lawton do you think it’s worth looking for podcast ambassador as well?

There is also a lot of videos/podcast with « ASMR » artist. Apparently it’s a thing. Might worth to take a look.

Keep doing the great work 🙂

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I think they want to release the app and the new website at the same time.

Can’t wait to see what the new whitepaper is going to look like.

So much good news awaiting

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