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Musicoin has the potential to become the new Soudcloud

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I found out about Musicoin in August 2017, thought it was the only cool project I wanted to invest in the blockchain ecosystem. Mine it since November.

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They all talk about finite number of coins but I don’t know how it’s realistic on a streaming platform… Unless dev team finds a way to get back some of the MC to be reinjected in the economy but still…

Also to be fully functional the MC price need to be way higher… Something like 100$ (to devide the number of MC by 1000 for each PPP, instead of getting 1MC per stream they get 0,001 MC)). Now its working because number os stream per day is low and steady but what if streaming goes higher and price stay low?

Just wondering around with the community 🙂

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I think just like every miners @hojin-jung is worried as where the project is going and it takes too much time to take off compare to other similar project who comes with platform fully working. The only difference here is that other project are ERC20 Tokens and Musicoin is a minable coin.

I have no doubt in the project as well, I think it’s a small group of dev but fully committed. And as soon as the value of musicoin will rise (just like @Soundphaser
said it’s linked to the well being of bitcoin), they will be able to afford new team members (as part as the dev fee every miner contribute to).

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@hojin-jung I kindly disagree. This is, on the contrary, a very useful application of the blockchain technology and what do you mean with “innovative business model”?

==> It’s free for users and artists gets as 3 times more than on other streaming platforms… I don’t know what more you can expect from a streaming service.

We as a community need to be patient but what the team and Isaac just told us is very promising.


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Thanks @Isaac-Mao for your input on my questions.

I love where this is going!

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Hi Musicoin team,

Thank for sharing your new roadmap it’s getting clearer of where you want to go, great work ! And with all the new stuff since the beggining of the year (new website, hardfork, new wallet etc…), we can see that there is some hardworking people behind the project!

I still have few questions regarding the roadmap :

1- It says first millionaire / Billionaire Muscians are you talking in USD ? or in M$ ?
2- You introduced some intresting stuff but never talked about it before can you tell me what are those referring to please? Life pass (Web app), Musician franchise, sync licence, streaming server( hardware?), musician station ?
3- Is the open plateform already open ? The timeline is a nice way to get visual effect but it’s hard to see actual dates and deadlines.
4- have you planned to release more accurate date or time frame for all the features (quarter or months)?
5 - Have you still planed to release the ice age around Q4 2018 ? and if so how many coins should we expect around 2020?

Thanks and keep doing the great work


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I think so too. But I’m not part of the team and I can’t make the decision for them.

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hi @metkraming it’s still in Beta. Waiting for the app to launch for V3. New white paper ni coming this quarter as well.

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Yep I was waiting for it as well for the end of April as announced in a video but nothing so far.
They are probably working on the stability of the latest landing page update 😉 I think but not sure, they will be releasing the new whitepaper in Q3

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Hi @mrice

The cost is assuming by miners and not listeners and as the coin gains in value they will decrease the amount of MC per stream to always sustain a 0.02$-ish stream.

You’ll have more details in the white paper, and I believe a new whitepaper (V3) is about to be announced to show what the Proof of sharism will look like (people who share music gets rewarded for doing so) and they will present (I hope) other stuff too (new platform, new features etc).

Thanks @Mar-T for sharing the white paper 🙂


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I like the idea but agree with @Asterios-Papastamatakis we need to release a fully working product otherwise we’re going straight to a catastrophe.

At some point, I guess the musicoin team we’ll need to market the platform and negotiate deals with labels to attract both listeners and famous artist.

I would love to see Sum41 listed on musicoin too btw… 🙂

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