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Check out my Baritone Ukulele sing-a-long “Heal the World” 🙂

“You may not realize
what you’re here for, or even if
you were here at all.
Cuz in this life,
there is no set course, adjust your sails,
fill them with wind.
We are only here for a short time,
and in the end, you never know,
but one thing, that i do find,
is that people just want somewhere to go.
this is our life, mine and yours,
let’s sing together by the fire,
they say that MUSIC can Heal the World…”

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I’d travel round the world and back, and if the stars aligned,
maybe i’d find you again, right there by my side.
Seven billion faces weave the tapestry of time,
that all unraveled when, my eye caught her eye,

and she said
"oh, play that original,
you wrote when you were young,
about that girl you used to know,
and she said,
“oh, play that original,
the one that you first sung,
in that bar we used to go.”

She and I, we lived our lives like The Curve of The Earth,
each moment passing time, the miracle of birth.
She and I we dreamed ourselves to paradise found,
each day a luxury, the world spins round and round.

and she said…


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"You’ll never know,
what you can do,
until The Pressure get to you…"

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