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Here's another one that has been created, on the For the Love of Bands site (this is not my work - just thought it was worth sharing in this thread).

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Has anyone had any joy incorporating embedded playlist code into WordPress?

(I'm not sure if it will work - I've tried adding the player code into the html tab, but it just displays the code. I don't have the experience to fix it, if it is fixable, lol.)

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I'm waiting on my Steem account verification, so I can start a dtube account, so I can monetize my videos there. But wouldn't it be great if we could post our videos on Musicoin to get spins as well!

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@george-polyhronakos In my case, people who sign up for the email list get exclusive bonus items via the emails, so I wouldn't need there to be an additional Musicoin-related bonus :0)

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@rob-webber Some good points - it's still early days on this site, though. Just to come back on the last point about the market - listeners can listen for free (I think the exception is unverified artists - I have to pay 1MC for a play, so presumably that is the same for all listeners). My other thought on this point was that there is going to be a bit of variation on other sites, too, because of 'real money' markets' exchange rates. Eg if I'm selling on Bandcamp in £GBP, someone ordering from there outside of the UK will be subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

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@goose-s I agree - when the site is not fully functional it's more difficult to 'sell' it to fans and potential listeners as well.

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I think it's very misleading to show the earnings in $USD to everyone. The main reason for this is that it appears to be recalculating your total MC earnings over all time, based on the current value of $MUSIC. Let's say that you have earned 1000 MC now, and withdrawn them to USD when they are worth $0.10 each, so you earned $100 less fees. Later, the value of $MUSIC increases to $1.0 each (we can hope!) - it looks like the profile page will display $1000 which makes you look way richer than you are, and doesn't take account of the fact you already had to use the real amount of approx $100 to pay your bills a long time ago, lol.

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Is it possible to have an embed link that will work on Wordpress sites? Wordpress doesn't support iframes, unfortunately. The embed link displays as code; although it will open it doesn't look too pretty 😉

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Sounds like this could be a fun thing to take part in :0) Are you after any particular kind of samples? Eg vocals, weird sounds, etc? Are you planning to include the samples that are submitted in the track, or is it intended that the sample is a kind of audition for a later stage? Cheers 🙂

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I recommended a friend a few days ago, I got 46MC (as far as I could work out from the numbers on the wallet and profile page) and it came through pretty quickly on the same day. Hope this is useful!

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