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I'm a guitarist and songwriter from London, now living and playing in Moscow. Primary genre is indie rock, influenced by the British sound - everything from The Beatles to Radiohead. Advocate of real musicians playing real instruments all at the same time.

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@musicoin-Italia @niuQuin @Isaac-Mao Yes, I too, am having trouble understanding this idea of proof of sharism. Is there any written info anywhere? Regards the new mobile app, I am beginning to sound like a scratched record: PLAYLISTS, PLAYLISTS, PLAYLISTS! It must contain these. I very much hope we can have some closer co-operation and talks with the developers, via our regular ambassador meetings online, to understand more about the technical issues. It’s all about communication - if we can understand their problems better and they can take onboard our concerns and ideas it will be useful.

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New episode of Musicoin Musings podcast featuring STEVEE’s and Martin Lacabanne’s @niuquin adventures in Barcelona at the Future Music Forum, where we were on a panel discussing Blockchain and its ramifications, and of course flying the flag for Musicoin. And where Martin proved himself to be king of the castenets. Check out his performance in front of the iconic Sagrada Familia here:


We had a great time, met some beautiful people and Musicoined on…0_1537129754820_MusicoinMussingsPodcast4.jpg

Listen to the podcast here:

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Martin Lacabanne @niuquin and I had a great time at the Future Music Forum in Barcelona this week. We sat on a panel discussing the implications of blockchain and made a nice presentation of what Musicoin is all about. It was interesting in that we had some disagreement with our fellow panelists who didn’t like the idea of no middlemen. There were questions about licensing and royalty collection and other matters concerning cryptocurrency and its volatility. But it was friendly and of course we agreed to disagree. The main thing is that we managed to present the core ideas of the platform clearly and forcefully. I think we also found some potential ambassadors and musicians to join the platform. 0_1537010129014_IMG_20180915_121727_643.jpg

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New to Musicoin and already Artist of the Week - that’s Ilya Truhanov, a fingerstyle genius based in Moscow:


Paul Faster (okay that doesn’t sound very Russian but he’s as Russki as vodka!) - great instrumental tracks superbly arranged and featuring his signature creamy guitar sound:


Rekiband, a project of Sasha Badazhkov, insanely gifted songwriter, guitarist and producer. He’s the go-to guitarist for a major Russian pop star Vladimir Presnikov:


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Внимание: опубликованный White Paper - это краткое изложение документа, его полная версия доступна по ссылке:


“Без музыки, жизнь была бы ошибкой”.
Фридрих Ницше

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