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I'm a guitarist and songwriter from London, now living and playing in Moscow. Primary genre is indie rock, influenced by the British sound - everything from The Beatles to Radiohead. Advocate of real musicians playing real instruments all at the same time.

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BIG THANKS to UBI and Musicoin for tipping this 1000! It's a nice shock and you rock!

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@soundphaser Thanks so much. Can't believe it got tipped 1000!

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Check out my new 3-song EP released exclusively on Musicoin, April 12. It's the first three songs on my page:

When The Girls Come Out To Play
Pinch of Salt
Girl In The Crowd

I fervently believe in Musicoin. You could say I’m an evangelist for the cause. It’s a shining model of fairness in a world where both artists and fans have been treated rudely for too many long years. I remember my first record deal. It was with EMI in the early 1990s. I earned a paltry royalty, a fraction of the record’s selling price. If you’re old enough you will remember paying 15 pounds or so Sterling for a new CD release back in the bad old days. Fans were lumbered with having to pay through the nose. All the piggies at the trough, the record companies, intermediaries etc had to feed, and being piggies there wasn’t much for left for the people who actually thought up and created the magic. Musicoin has turned the model on its head and long may it reign. I'm here for the long haul. Rock on...

Peace, Love, Rock

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Kahsay is awesome. Great funky tunes. Good luck all. Fantastic tracks here!

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This is a splendid idea and you can store these urls - its good for Instagram!

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@mar-t Hiya, I swear by ACR. Musicoin is just one of the platforms you can listen to on atomcollectorrecords.com. The biggies like Soundcloud and Spotify are there too, along with several others - Bandcamp, Reverbnation... oh I forgot YouTube! Guess they're a biggie) There can be a danger of listening to Musicoin solely through ACR and I see your point. I can't speak for others, but I visit this forum regularly for info on artists and not on ACR. Then I go listen. By the way, I have become a fan of your stuff. Rock on...)))

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Er... we should probably be discussing this on another page. Back to the poll)))

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@gjart Yes, agree with that, although it's a hard juggling act. As musicians our main focus is to make music. That said, we should support each other, engage as much as we can and learn to be grateful for the tips we get and say thank you once in a while.

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@thommo It's a hard and long road for all of us. I know how you feel. I try to tweet, FB, Instagram as much as I can. I also joined steemit.com where you upload to DSound. Hell, we need 36 hours in the day!!!! Good luck, your stuff is cool. Keep rocking on!

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