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Sometimes I want to listen music that’s distorted guitars, bass, drums and an angry man shouting at me. Sometimes I want to listen to music that’s a synthesised beat put through different electronic rack effects. Sometimes I want to listen to music that is a room full of academics who have practiced traditional instruments, and are performing the same way they have been played for hundreds of years. How would I find what I’m looking for without genres?

Similarly as an artist, how would I target an audience that is likely to enjoy the music I make without genres? Nobody makes music in a vacuum, everyone has some influences, genres are an easy way of hinting at those influences.

Nobody should limit what they listen to by genre, but they are a useful tool for categorising music, if you remember that they are continuous (i.e. not discrete) categories.

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The 5px padding on the div with the class “hero box-shadow-top” makes the gradient not line up properly, if you delete that padding everything lines up correctly.

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I’ve seen people asking if it’s possible to upload covers and as I understand it this is currently not allowed due to the difficulty of proving a license has been acquired for the redistribution of the covered song, and the songwriter’s copyright isn’t being violated.

It’d be good if were possible to set permissions in the license of the song to allow other musicians to cover that song for a particular share percentage, e.g. I give permission for anyone to cover this song I’ve uploaded, in exchange for a 20% share on the PPP license.

If covers were only permitted under this system, it’d create opportunities to get more artists onto the platform, not just from cover artists being able to upload their covers, but it would also incentivise larger and more popular acts to come to the platform, as it would allow them to monetise covers of songs they’ve written as performed by others, which is effectively impossible on other platforms. There’s a good chance cover artists who want to get on Musicoin would pester some big name acts into sign up.

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In all cryptocurrencies, when miners mine blocks, they create rewards for themselves. With Musicoin, 15% of the block rewards are sent to the fund that pays out the UBI.

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Every play by every listener on every song is stored on the blockchain, a recommendation engine based on scraping all the plays a song has had and searching for which other songs have had the most plays by those listeners would be useful alongside genre tagging. It would work on the artist level too. Songs most tipped by listeners who tipped this song, artists most played by listeners who like this artist, that sort of thing.

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