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Soundphaser is the producer's alias of Bruno Silva, a composer and producer of soundtracks, Instrumental and ambient music. Based in Portugal, he had several bands in the past, but now he his dedicated to a solo project as Soundphaser and is investing in collaborations with artists from all over the world
He is a drum & piano & guitar player. Always seeking to learn new skills and unsatisfied by nature!
He is also a proud Musicoin Ambassador.

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@gettingrich . @Ijatz-Guatemala asks an important question. I couldn’t find your profile…

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Thank you very much for updating the post and posting the solution. This makes this community work! I will search and tip your musicoin profile just because of that 😀.

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I think you are correct. But…I like to give the followers slightly different content depending on the platform they are using. With that I can keep them more interested if they are following me on 3 different digital social media.
As a user I’m not a fan of robots, and some content works better on One platform and not the other.
Having said that I am aware that it’s harder to mantain, but I think that in long term ir pays off…

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It makes total sense to make such a move. Completely agree.

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Love all if them, but pqp just Hit me on the jazz soft spot!😀

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@stevee said in Musicoin Musings: new podcast by STEVEE:

@vg-0 BTW I don’t seem to have one of those natty blue ambassador labels? I

@stevee, if you go to edit profile in the forum search for an option that says “group title” See if you have the option to choose the ambassadors group. If not I think @niuQuin can help with that.

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