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Soundphaser is the producer's alias of Bruno Silva, a composer and producer of soundtracks, Instrumental and ambient music. Based in Portugal, he had several bands in the past, but now he his dedicated to a solo project as Soundphaser and is investing in collaborations with artists from all over the world
He is a drum & piano & guitar player. Always seeking to learn new skills and unsatisfied by nature!
He is also a proud Musicoin Ambassador.

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Another great group of talented artists. This week my vote goes to Aurélien Vieira Lino. Really professional sounding and inspired music!

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Went for Everton Vieira too. Great music!

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A minha entrevista para o podcast BitcoinTalks com o António Vilaça Pacheco já está disponível aqui:

Falamos sobre a Musicoin, como eu conheci a plataforma, como funciona, qual é a sua filosofia e quais os próximos desafios.

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Another great group this week. My heart was divided between Carlos Miúdo and Nádia Schilling…but Nadia won my vote. Just love the soft and melodic landscapes she draws with her music.

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Hello and welcome. Can you please Share your musicoin profile link here?

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Next tuesday (august 28) I Will be interviewed for an episode of Portugal biggest crypto podcast.

In my latest talk with the host he was very pleased to get to know Musicoin use case, and I have already arranged for him to host the podcast on Musicoin also.

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@dave-postington I couldn’t agree more. Financial education is critical.

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@gettingrich . @Ijatz-Guatemala asks an important question. I couldn’t find your profile…

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Thank you very much for updating the post and posting the solution. This makes this community work! I will search and tip your musicoin profile just because of that 😀.

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