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Good insight @Hydro-Hellsing keep it up dude!

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ICO madness has created this. I think this is for the good honestly in the long-term.

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Yeah this was tough even I am not in some of the genres! 🙂

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@brad-morden 5% of every block mined goes to Research and funding.

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Payment gateways are a pain in the ass, but this is eventually the path to walk 🙂

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They need to update latest GMC in order to sync last block. Hopefully soon, no problem with your coins 🙂

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Also, you gotta think that we have UBI. Verification is needed in order to prevent people from cheating the system.
I think an incubator of new artists was something mentioned by the Musicoin profile Twitter to be added in the future. Imagine having someone to "mentor" you by paying Musicoin, that's something that can drive the price for another utility besides tips 🙂

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