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I want to throw out there a simple idea for an aesthetic the website could have in the future.

I think the color palette of the various website elements (backgrounds, boarders, text etc.) should be dark and muted colors. Larger more prominent elements being dark and smaller less prominent elements such as text being something that stands out easily without being overbearing to the eyes.

Bright stark white backdrops may be a commonplace thing for the internet but I firmly believe that it can cause eye strain and may make it a bit harder to read text. A black background with white text completely solves this issue for me personally.

Keeping to this idea might help musicoin stand out more as well as possibly be more visually appealing to navigate. I think this idea, if considered, should be applied to both the music side and the forum side of musicoin.

Perhaps in consideration for other people’s tastes, an option for individual users to change the visual theme of musicoin from a small set of presets including a dark theme would be viable. Though I suspect that this requires more sophisticated coding than just having a single theme.

Rule of thumb in this idea of mine is to avoid using white or bright backgrounds for most or all visual website elements.

That’s pretty much all I have to say in this.

To any musicoin devs who might read this, thank you for reading and I hope you find this idea to be viable enough to take into consideration.

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@breez MIxcraft is basically Garage Band on Macs but drastically superior and it’s for Windows. I love how easy it is to use. It needs more recognition I think

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@breez I was merely curious about what other people use to create their sounds. Mixcraft is likely going to remain my DAW of choice for my whole life. It has extremely good quality capabilities and the interface is just sooo good in my opinion

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Those of you who compose music from scratch, what is your digital audio workstation of choice? I use Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 7

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@fracmental all of my music is played back quiet here and everywhere else like reverbnation. When I play back my songs in windows media, everything sounds fine. I have no idea why I experience this issue

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@oly681 no, I check my spam and I don’t get notifications. I have the notifications turned on but neither my inbox or spam contain anything from musicoin

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Optimism is a great mindset to have indeed. As a newbie to cryptocurrency stuff, I was just stating my observation. It’s nice to see people having a positive outlook on things. I share that sentiment 🙂

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@zeljko-stanojkovski I see. I still think it would be nice if the notifications happened on site ya know?

And I personally haven’t received those notification e-mails you talk about even though when I check my individual uploads I see the occasional comment. So something isn’t working as well as it should…either that or there’s a setting I missed that specifies to get e-mail notifications for comments on my music.

At any rate, yeah having notifications show up on site would be useful too in my opinion.

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I noticed that there is no system in place that notifies me when people leave a comment on my uploaded songs. I think that would be rather useful for musicians like myself to be able to better interact with listeners and not miss out on comments left on songs. Plus I think it would be add more convenience to the platform as it would remove the tedium of individually going through uploads to see if new comments were made by a listener.

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I think I have this same issue. I have no clue what my music would be considered genre wise. I make soundtrack like songs that tend to have dark deep baselines, classical string voices, ambient synths, and reversed synth/strings made into background ambiance. And it isn’t even limited to those things since my music is just…unique. I don’t know, I can hardly describe most of my own stuff let alone put it into any catagory.

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