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You can find my music here. Much appreciate all your support and listens.

About me

Quint S Ence is Remo Fiore

I have worked professionally in various sectors of the music environment for many years, from composition and songwriting to production, live and studio engineering . I am currently teaching, as well as being a passionate photographer and videomaker.

After a few years away from composing & producing music, I decided to start this new project which embraces my love for ambient, lounge and world music coupled with my passion for the creation of both still and moving imagery and finally gave birth to Quint S Ence.

The music I create could be described as a fusion of varied styles, from Lounge to EDM, Jazz to orchestral sound tracks, Ethnic, World to Ambient.

Thanks for joining me on my new journey

Namaste my friends

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Hello to all, I’m not sure whether this is the correct thread to post new releases, So i do hope I’m not mistaken.

This is the link to the latest release by Quint S Ence The Whistle, an Etno House-Electronic, Downtempo, Dance vibe, the ethnic sound and feel being somewhat of a signature for Quint S Ence. The track was inspired by some of the scenes from one of my favorite movies “Stargate”, with a definite eastern/Arabic vibe and an almost epic feel to the intro which slowly develops into a nice smooth but gutsy and tasteful dance track.
You could almost say this track falls into the IDM category, even if personally I prefer not to categorize my music.

I hope you enjoy it and if you leave a comment I will be sure to come and visit your profile and listen to your music and no doubt follow you.

Have a great day
Quint S Ence.

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Awww Damn… missed this one by a couple of days. Shame. I hope there will be a new contest soon. Would love to enter.

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@asterios-papastamatakis This is freakin’ amazing, The guy on Guitar is superb and gotta be one of my favorite Benson Tracks. Subscribed to the channel and liked and commented on the video as Quint S Ence.

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@george-escalante I’m usually not a great lover of HipHop Rap etc etc. But This track is poetic, Top class. The lyrics are inspiring and after having watched other videos from this artist I have to say, I have changed my mind, regards his artistry anyhow. Absolutely awesome track

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@quint-s-ence @Asterios-Papastamatakis Many thanks for the upvote. I’m really not interested in winning the contest moreso getting to know a few people here on the forum and also on the YouTube Platform. It’s a shame there aren’t more posts in this thread.

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@seven-epigonus Top class, went over to your channel subbed, commented and liked the vid. Well done Nice video.

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@p-o-f Excellent Vid, enjoyed the video and music. Also went over to your channel, comment and liked the video and subbed to your channel.

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@bigshoe Great vid and track nice and smooth. Also subbed to your channel and commented and liked the video on YouTube.

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