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PUP (Pain United with Passion) - Musicoin Ambassador USA
Conscious Hip-Hop Artist, Author, Cryptocurrency Investor & Creator of Crypto Kingz

About me

PUP is a conscious Hip Hop Artist, Community Activist and Cryptocurrency Investor from Connecticut, USA. He creates powerful music geared towards consciousness and expressing life experiences. PUP uses his lyricism and connection with music to portray his own evolution, themes of empowerment and knowledge. PUP is also actively involved in his community, through his work with 4Unity Community Corporation (non profit organization), and youth mentorship collaborating with other non profit organizations. PUP was awarded for his leadership efforts as a 100 Men of Color Award Class of 2017 Honoree. But his work to empower the people does not stop there. PUP is the host and creator of Crypto Kingz, a platform designed to inspire individuals to come together to take a leadership position by expanding the cryptocurrency mass adoption through knowledge and creativity. And Musicoin is the perfect marriage of his two passions, and is a host and producer of Musicoin’s first show (Musicoin Plays).

Recent Posts
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congrats … nice artwork too

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In our last episode of MC Plays Season 2 on Musicoin TV. Self Suffice released an exclusive track on Musicoin LIVE on the show in turn giving us a full tutorial on how to upload a track and much more… check it out now

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I’m excited about the playlist feature and the “proof of sharism” because it gives us a huge opportunity for growth. I think we should hang tight because to my understanding from our last ambassador meeting these implications will be released soon. We taking off from there. (just some words of faith and encouragement)

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The inspiring and motivational track “I Need” will be the song used in this campaign, which empower not only the local community but people around the world who want to contribute to a good cause without the financial burden. Thank you for your Love and Support . Enjoy #Food4U

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would love to see footage … MC PLays

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