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Peter & Ella we are recording artist from Brisbane Australia. Ella writes all the lrycis and sings, many of them are storys with peolple we know and Peter does most of the Guitars with 12 string accustic Electric lead guitar and bass and we have done collaborations with other artist too

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I love it too Nearly as much as my wife Ella

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Hello From Australia
has anyone ever asked if you could make available the ability to change the song list on your profile so you can make your best songs appear up on the top of your profile we have a lot of songs but our best three songs are down the bottom it would be good for promotion of your profile to new listeners
this our song that sits on the bottom of our list


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@zeljko-stanojkovski thank you for your support email that worked using facebook as the verification and i am back in the forum

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thank you for sharing

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had a listen to all 5 artist it was close and hard to pick but went for sixth stone but congradulations to all acts this week in being considered

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listened and followed all the artist it was a tough choice but i voted for truhanov but well done to all 5 acts

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It happened to us yesterday its just a glitch support helped me get it back i had to log out of the browser that said that and re log back in and re verify thought socal media but to do that you need to log out of the brower that said you are un verified i sent an email to support they helped me out

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yep that would be great

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