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Music Producer & Singer/Songwriter from Australia
Im into Trading and Investing Crypto and also riding Freestyle/Flatland BMX
All social media @NoellaNix
Steemit @Noellanix

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Hey Everyone! Im back with a new track, This is an RNB/URBAN track i co-produced with Amy Sharks Producer Brad Hosking.

Its about meeting someone online and falling in love with the idea of that person and hoping that when you meet they are everything you imagined they would be.

Has a moody and subtle nostalgic 90s RNB vibe

Exclusive Musicoin Release! It is not out anywhere else yet! xxx

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You dont have to sign up though? I have tweeted and posted my musicoin links and everyone as able to listen without logging in or signing up

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@dark-lord-kenaan Thats probably the best idea… This would be fantastic as for now i use Bitly to shorten the url

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@breez The idea of an Exclusive Musicoin release works really well, sharing the link is no different to sharing a Soundcloud link and listeners dont need to sign up to listen if they dont want to. I trialled it when i first uploaded a song to Musicoin and was really impressed with how many people clicked on the link because my fans can be quite lazy, sometimes fans can be reluctant to click on links to a website they may be unfamiliar with. I will definitely be utilising this for future releases and taking it much more seriously. I also feel that genuine fans will want to support you and if they find out (by you) that this streaming service pays really well, they should support you by listening to your music here rather than on Soundcloud. Im really excited for what the future holds for Musicoin

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@thommo Thank you, i have produced the majority of my music myself so the support means so much to me x

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@niki-j-crawford Nice to meet you Niki! Will be checking out your music soon xo

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Awww 😍😍 thanks for the love everyone. I produced the majority of my music. I’m unsigned so the support means a lot to me regardless of whether I win or not. πŸ’œ will upload another track tomorrow

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