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Martin niuQuin Lacabanne
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Musicoin Ambassador Liaison
Composer, Musician, Producer & Visual Artist
Musicoin profile: http://jam.dj/niuquin

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Composer, Musician, Producer, Visual Artist & Musicoin Ambassador

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@musicoin-Italia Lorenzo Today when we talked on the phone, you did not ask these things to me. You do not need this question to the whole community, if you have us close to ask and then you communicate. Greetings to all, future official announcements will be published in due course. Blessings for all.

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We are pleased to announce that we have just launched a new referral program. For every referral who registers using your invite code and later become a verified artist, we will reward you with 250 Musicoins. Additionally, all verified referrals will receive 50 Musicoins.

Maintain a good referral rating by inviting artists only. More invites may be added on your account, upon request.
To request additional invites, please send an email with the subject “Invites” to reviewers@musicoin.org or musicoin@musicoin.org

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Angeles!!! Gracias por cuidarnos y por la bella música ❤

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Yes!! we changed for 100k Silver 500k Gold 1M Cryptony (Plays)

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