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Hi everyone, hope you all had a good start into 2018.
During new years eve I wanted to showcase musicoins to my friends and that came with a bunch of issues, which is something a lot of people will come across, if they want to give musicoin a chance.

  1. Playlists Part 1

Compiling a playlist for the said evening was a pain in the ass, because it required a lot of clicks to get desired tracks onto the playlist.

Here is my suggestion: If you search for a genre, musicoin could generate a playlist based on the genres tagged. This would be amazing to get a fast playlist without the hustle. Of course, the downside would be wrong tags by the artists, but it would do for quick discovery of new artists.
Speaking of tags: User tags could be a thing....but that's a topic for another day.

Second suggestion: Add a little + button into the resultspage to each track, so you just have to press that button and add the tracks quickly.

  1. Playlists Part 2

I'm certain, this has been discussed already on multiple occasions, but I felt like it needs to be here for completion.
Band/Artist created playlists (think soundcloud), to put out an album in order, categorize certain kind of tracks (demos, ideas, releases...whatever). Just to keep it clean. Right now I have one album and a single up's a bit all over the place.
Additionally: Featured tracks - If an artist wants to highlight his favorite track/playlist..let him go for it.

  1. Playlists Part 3

Listener curated playlists. Wonderful thing at spotify, as long as it is in the hands of the users (please no major label bullshit). Let them make their mixtapes, even make it possible to reward great playlist compilation with $MUSIC.

  1. Private Streams

I'm currently promoting a new album to blogs and all that. On the press page I use a link to a private soundcloud playlist. I would love to replace that with a private musicoin playlist. So I can share tracks privately to press, reward my closest supporters with exclusive previews. It just gives more possibilities ahead of a release.

  1. Nightmode

Please...^^ This forum is so bright, it hurts my eyes 😄 - On a serious note, personally I prefer darker websites. I appreciate cryptopia, twitter and youtube for including a nightmode to their services.

  1. Issues 1: Player (Shuffle function)

With the currenct playlist, I experienced some issues. I made a playlist of like 15-20 tracks and just hit shuffle. For the two hours before midnight that would have done it. So I just hit shuffle and play. So..what happened is, that the shuffle function doesn't ignore previously played tracks. So..something awkward happened: I had two of my own tracks in that playlist and those two tracks appeared maybe 2-3 times each within one hour. Even just with one track inbetween. When that happened again I stopped the playlist. One reason because it get's boring, the other reason was my own tracks, which leads me to the next thing.

  1. Issues 2: Rules

I've spoken with a bunch of other musicians, and some are currently not really aware about what is allowed and what not. In fact, there is a certain degree of insecurity. Artists proud of their work, listen to their own music. And right now listening to the own music on this platform generates a coin. That should never happen in the first place, new artists don't even realize that until they pay attention to it. Personally I just realized that a couple of days later, when I showed this page to a friend. I also double check the music, wherever I upload and of course, I also like to listen to what I do.

There needs to be a system in place that prevents us from earning coins by listening our own stuff, there has to be a clear set of rules and the consequences need to be outlined. Right now this is a bit awkward because we have neither. And rules we don't know, can't be followed.

You might be very easy with bans and what not and really just ban people who go crazy with like 100 plays a day and who probably didn't deserve it any different, but that doesn't eliminate the fact, that nobody really knows if they can even doublecheck their tracks.

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I think it is good to have it there, but an option for those who don't feel comfortable about this, should be in place. I can understand why someone is not comfortable with it. But for my own concerns: I think it's important that people can see, that they make an actual impact.

Another option could also be to have "weekly" or "monthly" revenue instead of all time revenue.

So my suggestion is:
enable/disable option
alltime/monthly/weekly option

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Hello! ^^

So...I'm really not a fan of writing about myself and it's giving me a hard time. But let's try anyways.
Before I start though: You're better off just listening to what I do, so here is my musicoin profile. I'm currently uploading some older stuff, so quality may vary - there were times I didn't exactly know what I was doing^^

About me:

My name is Nils, 30 years old. I've spend the past years composing for video games, doing sound design and implementing all that stuff as well. Right now working on my 3rd title in charge, which will most likely be the last, because - well music is just where my heart is at and I would like to spend more time on that, than on coding or things like that.

alt text

About my music

However...we're here for the, what do I do? Honestly...for myself that's not easy to describe. Whatever I like. Sometimes that's orchestral stuff, sometimes I just like to hammer the strings on the guitar and I have a huge passion for sound synthesis and experimenting with whatever sounds. Overall...Identiy crisis confired 😵
My roots though, are in the realm of classical music (played trumpet as a youngling) and in the industrial genre (yeah, I used to be a goth...still am I guess).

My last release was a Soundtrack to a game called Abatron, which is a gritty, industrial heavy soundtrack. My next release "Glitches" will be the first album release not linked to any other project since 2008. It will be out in February and will also include a track with danish dark electro pioneer Leaether Strip. And I will even use my voice for once.

alt text

So yeah...that's what I have to say about myself . Humble guy, love music, love the community.

So...hello 🙂

Stuff I've found here

This might be a cool idea. It's the first time I really had the feeling of supporting some music. Here are a few of my recommendations

@Soundphaser - I really love his piano play in combination with some hip hop beats.
@juxta - A mixed bag for me, but to me his stuff really shines, when he's going heavy and all out
@Amphlux - The guy has some serious talent. like his voice and the industrial tunes he does
CMH - right up my ally. nice and dark electronic tunes.
@Elephant-State - Very good electronic stuff! Can recommend for drinking and dancing.
@Rhonda-Huete - This is some cool indie rock. Kinda reminds me a bit to REM. And I like REM a lot.
@LaFlamme Poker-Punk! You just want to have whiskey and some cards while listening their stuff.

I'll add more to this list - on a run right now

My favorite twitter account to follow:

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@brett-jungblut Should have read the whitepaper I think xD

  1. Fractional coins will be given out, once the course stabilizes at 0.10 $US per coin. The goal is to pay 0.02 - 0.10 per play to the artist. Whitepaper V2 Sites 16ff. Right now we're far away from that.

  2. In my opinion this should be avoided. Treat every musician alike and make discovery the main feature of the site. Music is the core value of this platform. Every "promotion" function turns it into what is basically the music industry, where money decides what good music is, instead of the listeners. I'd like to think I have found a platform in musicoin which avoids this and plays by the mindset of how the industry should be.

  3. See 2

  4. Instead create an environment, where artists can offer Merchandise, Tickets, whatever you can think of.
    But also can buy stuff, that enables them to spend MC in order to create more/better music - aka get Merchandising Manufacturers on board, Instrument retailers, etc. Let us have a second hand market, offer services to other musicians. I'd be happy to mix/master/remix other peoples work for MC, or get Instrumentalists involved to play/record parts, which I can pay with MC. This would result into a self-feeding system, where great ideas can be turned into amazing tracks, which can find a supporting audience on musicoin, which will help artists to make a living.

EDIT: I'd like to add: If services are offered, please add a minimum threshold/wage. Don't turn it into Fiverr ^^

TL:DR - Against promotional things, let music decide what is good and not Coin. Instead give us a marketplace that helps us to create better music. When you think of musicoin, don't think exclusively how to make the coin more valuable, but also think about what can be done to help to improve the core product - the music.

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So...this is one for the business team to think about, I guess.

We are a whole lot of musicians. And musicians like to spend money on a whole lot of stuff. Like...overpriced equipment, instruments, stuff we never need just for the sake of having it. And we have also some demands on manufactured stuff of our brand, such as merchandising that we can sell to our fans.

So...I don't know if you have the contacts yet, but I would love to see trustable stores, such as or similar retailers, maybe companies like KORG or Behringer involved into this, which would allow us to buy equipment here for $MUSIC. Maybe you can work something out with some selected shops...I just thought, it would be glorious.

Additionally - I'm personally not a fan of this, because it requires some sort of trust, but I can see people going to like it - we have a whole bunch of stuff, we'd like to get rid off, older equipment we don't use anymore or some of us even follow a sell 1 buy 1 policy in their studio. Right now ebay is the place to go...but if we can do that here, it would be cool as well.

So...these are the things I can imagine in a distant future. Maybe you're already working on similar things.

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Here are my ambient tracks from my newest Album "Glitches". Those were mainly inspired by music for coding.

Sneaky (Ambient):

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Can we just not put any value on those voting buttons? They do nothing other than a stupid thumbs up.

Music is subjective to everyone. Some love a track, others don't. That's just normal, but there is really no point in visualizing this. We're human, that's all there is about. And musicians are human too. You won't believe what kind of stuff I can get around.
I'd rather see "sharing" encouraged, because - remember - the actual support comes from plays.

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love your stuff, man. and you know it already ^^

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@charlie-laurence Engaging is certainly one aspect. I like to check out people who tipped me to at least make up for the coins they've spent. Commenting too. Remember, every comment and tip appears in the newsfeed of your followers.

Another thing is: When do you upload your music. How long is it on the discovery page?

Then...What you do outside of musicoin. Twitter, facebook, newsletter...this is where your popularity comes in to play.

Posting a link in the forums, certainly helps ^^

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So...first of all congrats for having partnered up with someone and overall you seem to get it going on the marketing side of things.

But...all this is pointless, if your platform isn't getting better. I love musicoin and I'm quite passionate about it. And I really would love to put a single from my new album up here first, before I put that out anywhere else. But right now...I don't see me doing this, because the website is so slow. The current listening experience is not fun, because the player is constantly bugging out, the website isn't loading or whatever. Can you fix this? And somehow give an idea when this is going to be better?

I have like 5 days until I start pre order on bandcamp. Would be great to be able to tease it on musicoin the upcoming weekend.

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I'm sorry for the lack of technical language xD

@im said in Playlists, private streams:

@tamilvendhank ya, I really wants to tip this post with 10 MC. 😄

link to my profile in my signature ^^

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Since yesterday I have a couple of issues with the website.

  • Long loading times
  • Issues playing more than 3 tracks
  • Player crashing and not working anymore
  • Loading times with the embedded player.

I guess traffic is quite high these days?? It seems like a lot of my friends have these issues too. Or similar issues.

Usually browsing through Chrome, no issues adressing other websites, or the forum. I'm on Win 7 or 10 (depending on PC).

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@zeljko-stanojkovski said in Artist of the Week:

Our artist of the week is Swilly! 🎸 🎹
Let's give him some support, check out his awesome tracks at

Hey...why don't you make this a little more interesting?
Maybe a little interview or something, with 4 or 5 questions...and give him the spotlight in a very own thread.

Other than that: Congrats @Swilly

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@im @Raven

i thought about that follower thing quite a while. I think having an overview is quite important, but i don't think it must be public.
if you look at pages like twitter or instagram, there are a lot of people taking pride in themselves to have way more followers then they actually follow. it seems to be important to some to look overly important.

I'd like to suggest/request in addition to the already requested overview, to have an >>option<< to turn the following overview into private mode only - so nobody else can see it - in order to encourage people to not care too much about that balance of follower/following. So...if it's wanted the following count can be set to either public or private. I think such an option will encourage more people to just follow whatever they like - as it is right now.

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@john-rosales I agree with this! Love Swilly's music, and while I think the featured Artist is an amazing idea, I think it should be done differently.

I don't think to be featured should require quality artwork, but I think the presentation of it needs an overhaul as a whole. Whoever is featured, give it a spot somewhere on the homepage. The right side, where your last plays show up could be the spot for this. And below the last plays.

Since the header is seen first after log in, i think it should just be neutral and represent the platform.

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@khaiim said in tipping charts -really????:

Third, it doesn't actually result in anyone receiving value (cause it's zero sum) so that's NOT a benefit

Wrong. It has an indirect benefit. It is promotion and people seem to like charts. By claiming three spots in those charts, he denies visibility for at least two other artists, who earned it, while getting those plays by people who look at those.
Why else would you do this?

If you'd ask me, I'm against any kind of charts.

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This is an idea I think I have seen already on another platform. But I'm not quite sure.

So...right now, if you like a track, you can just stream it. This leads to a couple of issues, which are the following:

  1. Personally, I'm a guy who likes to listen to a great track a couple of times in a row. Since we don't know, when systemabuse starts and ends, this is something I don't feel comfortable in doing.

  2. You can only listen to the music, when you have access to this website. I'm certain, this also sucks for DJs, who need to reach out or look for other ways to get the music they have found here, to spinn it in their sets or radioshows. While an app for mobile phones will help with this sometime in the future for the average guy, I still think having access to the file is a requirement.

So here is my solution for it:

The Collection (like bandcamp)

  1. Personal licenses

Every track/album on this platform comes with a personal progress bar. If you listen or tip a track, this progress bar moves forward. Once it is at 100% the song (or the album later) will be added to your personal collection and you can download it to your computer for personal use.

This would also limit the amount of paid spinns a track can get from an individual account, which is not the solution to abuse, but at least generates a bigger hustle for those who do this and takes a bit away from the insecurity of what am I allowed to do and what not.

Additionally to this, there could also be a "wishlist", where you can add tracks you just discovered, so you have it in one place.

  1. Commercial licenses

A second feature this could come with, is for the commercial use of music. So for example, if someone is looking for tracks for his new movie, video game, podcast..yada yada.
There are a couple of licenses that could be done, like microlicensing for small things like a youtube video (usually around 20-50 $US) or all around packages for TV, movie and advertising campaigns (can go up to a couple of thousand $US).

This is something, that would need a couple of things in place to work out, such as the integration of ISRC and ISWC codes. Also all involved authors need to be credited. So...that's probably something you want to work out with a lawyer and the representatives of PROs (ASCAP, BMI etc), as well as experiences music supervisors, who can tell you how to optimize live for them.


This would require a lot of attention and moderation, because we would be moving into a grey area, especially when Cover Tracks/Samples/inofficial Remixes are involved. Maybe commercial use is something that should be put behind an additional verification process.

EDIT: One last note: Of course the musician needs to remain in control of this. Nothing of this should ever happen per default. If the artist doesn't want people to be able to download it, give them the option to disable this. Also..the price/progress bar should remain in the hands of the artist to a certain extend eventually, while the site could/should suggest a price based on duration and genre of the track. On the other hand, a limit should be in place for all, regardless if downloads are enabled or not.

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@restless-natives said in Playlists, private streams:

Great post and I would have tipped you some coinage too 😉

You know how simple that is, right? ^^ just spin my music instead.

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