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VGM composer with an identity crisis...aka...I don't know what Genre.

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"1. Nominate only your own track(s) by posting URL here on this topic."

you can post them seperately.

"6. A reward for the winner will be 1000 MC.
In case we have two or more posts/tracks with the same number of votes the oldest post will be a winner."

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Here are my ambient tracks from my newest Album "Glitches". Those were mainly inspired by music for coding.

Sneaky (Ambient):

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@jamesgetsit I disagree with you.

At the end of the day, the only coin that truly matters for the big names is $US.
This platform doesn't need to have promo features to attract big names. (Who do you want to promote anything here? To the 3500 other artists?)

All it takes for a big artist to take advantage of such a website is one social media post to send their following over to this website to hit that play button. They would generate 20x more than they would via spotify.

So...I would say the things this site needs to attract big names, is to look less amateurish (artist of the week headers are a huge visual turnoff), it needs to bring all kinds of features, that allow to sort or assign tracks to an album and all the things you can think off. But Promo...even...if I would agree with the last feature this website needs.

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@khaiim said in tipping charts -really????:

Third, it doesn't actually result in anyone receiving value (cause it's zero sum) so that's NOT a benefit

Wrong. It has an indirect benefit. It is promotion and people seem to like charts. By claiming three spots in those charts, he denies visibility for at least two other artists, who earned it, while getting those plays by people who look at those.
Why else would you do this?

If you'd ask me, I'm against any kind of charts.

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tip it to him ->> @soundphaser
because super nice guy and great music ^^

(thank you Soundphaser 🙂 )

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@brett-jungblut Should have read the whitepaper I think xD

  1. Fractional coins will be given out, once the course stabilizes at 0.10 $US per coin. The goal is to pay 0.02 - 0.10 per play to the artist. Whitepaper V2 Sites 16ff. Right now we're far away from that.

  2. In my opinion this should be avoided. Treat every musician alike and make discovery the main feature of the site. Music is the core value of this platform. Every "promotion" function turns it into what is basically the music industry, where money decides what good music is, instead of the listeners. I'd like to think I have found a platform in musicoin which avoids this and plays by the mindset of how the industry should be.

  3. See 2

  4. Instead create an environment, where artists can offer Merchandise, Tickets, whatever you can think of.
    But also can buy stuff, that enables them to spend MC in order to create more/better music - aka get Merchandising Manufacturers on board, Instrument retailers, etc. Let us have a second hand market, offer services to other musicians. I'd be happy to mix/master/remix other peoples work for MC, or get Instrumentalists involved to play/record parts, which I can pay with MC. This would result into a self-feeding system, where great ideas can be turned into amazing tracks, which can find a supporting audience on musicoin, which will help artists to make a living.

EDIT: I'd like to add: If services are offered, please add a minimum threshold/wage. Don't turn it into Fiverr ^^

TL:DR - Against promotional things, let music decide what is good and not Coin. Instead give us a marketplace that helps us to create better music. When you think of musicoin, don't think exclusively how to make the coin more valuable, but also think about what can be done to help to improve the core product - the music.

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@ryan-tanaka said in Let's talk to those know little about $MUSC.:

@neon-insect the worst he could say is no. No harm in trying, imo.

I think there is a lot of harm in trying. What could possibly go wrong?
Branson stands for everything that Musicoin eliminates: Musicoin stands for the direct exchange between artists and listeners without the middleman, to which Branson counts.

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