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Not right now. I can confirm you though this is something we have been asking for a moment now and admins told us it is coming sooner or later.

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@ixiisis On aimerait bien voir notre extrait fancophone sur votre site! Comment faire pour l'ajouter à votre playlist? ☺

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Beau travail!

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Fake news would infest it? haha

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Followed and tipped!!!

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Interesting... Is SOCAN ok as a Performing Rights Organization?

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Can we submit more than once? 😋

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Here is our entry "Left For Dead", but I think you already heard it @Volareo 🙂

Great contest although I'm not sure I will have the time to get points sadly...

Good luck everyone!

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Great music.... STAYLEAVE has hooks, but I must go with Living Weary maybe because that's just a style I prefer, great stuff.

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