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I like this pool,
everything seems good

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Hello raven you can find your wallet backup file on old pc "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Musicoin\keystore" this file name like this "UTC....." and you must copy this file and paste into your new computer same folder Also you must open hidden folder options for see to "appdata" folder because this folder is hidden

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Welcome the ccommunity. I love this track, and you must share this your follower, on twitter and facebook

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my choice in binance

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I think the dev team currently work on it.

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Hi everybody I found this and I believe this is usefull to us
alt metni

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@soundphaser no problem we are all same team 🙂

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look likes problem fixed on bittrex

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Hello I love your sound tracks, I am from Turkey and I believe music is universial. Thanks for musicoin team,because they are make us be happy, together

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