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@ijatyoz-guatemala you can change the amount of mc you get per play. Did you change it by accident maybe?

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This is already changed

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No idea, sorry. You need to wait for an admin to response. I would advise to use the desktop wallet for further transactions.
@Dmitry @Zeljko-Stanojkovski

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you might have mistyped or copied the wrong address?

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@dmitry said in lost money:


I see a deposit on the recipents wallet of 4625 mc with that tx. So i guess the recipents wallet aint syncronised.... πŸ™‚

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Lol @clive-fuller its a free website provider, where you can build your website with a kit:

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On wix you click on the + (Add) and choose "Other" -> HTML-Code
In the popup you paste the code below. You have to copy & paste the hex adress of the tracks and replace it the existing names aswell
And change the time.... min, sec
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
// musicoin embedded playlist BETA 0.7 coded by @rapoet

var trackList=[

["0xb969b74040b3ee1eadbf6be8581ea787d0874168", "Dance/Trap-β•‘ Dance! (feat. Kristin) - Raven",4, 27],
["0x3ba7932eb1d1cf62f945d76784576b2a0654072f", "Electronic----β•‘ Cloud - Sam Prock", 1, 45],
["0x550c7390aca73d7fd1f2a223c2754bb6980956bb", "Electronica--β•‘ Drop Your Weapons by Bufinjer", 8, 31],
["0x160a6d3eb1663f03f0374c99a0f998765ce6e133", "SynthPop----β•‘ Errore by Lorenzo Pistolesi", 2, 24],
["0x5377cc429ef1b5ef30fcb54c5d8affe891d1535d", "Funk----------β•‘ Brag – Kahsay", 3, 12],
["0x2c96276d8305f8c874c3ab54a57971e3d5a2bc63", "Altern. Rock-β•‘Shine On by Shotgun21", 4, 10],
["0xdf841383135c740798b410745a30f80fb188e055", "Electronica--β•‘ Dontmeanathing by Dephinite", 5, 40],
["0x22acf74df6c419bda75ad18ff80175f261b4ccfb", "Electronica--β•‘ Slavery – Fiction: The Antipop", 3, 12],
["0x5f3538c2473759d5b20bf6eb5df1b018410db9ea", "Electronica--β•‘ In Touch With The Dead by THESPEAKERBREAKER", 4, 13],
["0xcc7912a6888317d5a393afba56638b99b7800b96", "Electronic----β•‘Desert Dream by Newen X", 4, 35],
["0x01ebf1393094b36a03b2cc140de5e2aa837e9f83", "Songwriter---β•‘ Ode to a Friend (TC Newman Remix) by Jon Magnusson", 3, 53],
["0x2fce4c3016c0654b94c9cc0f8ab798a57789faf1", "Rock----------β•‘ Mona Lisa - Juxta", 3, 41],
["0xcd6e13648835d094043c13962a06a3a4a7d94ecd", "Electronic----β•‘ Binary Being by T. C. Newman", 3, 33],
["0x3bf00d390aa5736b804b6c7bf42d8ddbc088b4e0", "Electronica--β•‘ Obedub (Edit) by Spaceschneider", 3, 21],
["0x7980abb5b25e6c8c666bb8f8b11ff6f83a0b5140", "Electronica--β•‘ Un dΓ­a de aburrimiento by Walter Fini", 4, 11],
["0xd6259f20e873d69aa369072e2f73a61f58a864d7", "Metal---------β•‘ Path Of The Death by Omega Kane", 4, 27],
["0x2514266a588290115852a7db76bbc1ce32fb91be", "Electronic---β•‘ Forget by DNPQ", 2, 57],
["0x478f9f9a92ee5490a6a9df93037f996e333a89e2", "Electronic---β•‘ In Absentia Lucis Tenebrae Vincunt (Unmastered) by Taphophilia",4, 23],
["0x3e2f258d53cff36e356ef76a81c6021fff03f8ff", "HipHop------β•‘Alex W. // prod. by BenDiS MuziK",2, 50],
["0x3e2f258d53cff36e356ef76a81c6021fff03f8ff", "HipHop------β•‘An den Docks - B zum K // prod. by BenDiS MuziK",3, 30],
["0xf08a96db7c4b47de18392235a0104bc1820b70bc", "Electronic---β•‘ Symbyotic Frequencies - Featuring Musicar by Clubfungus",6, 28],
["0x6fe970c3afd69a9a86c4253c81c8ddd47e008f60", "Electronica--β•‘ Fluchtgeschwindigkeit – MJ Moonbow",2, 19],
["0x748bd8be7f6c3978b071a8d9e82be9836fee3a5b", "<b>Tip the Developer SelfSuffice:</b><br>Confused (Chapter 2)", 1, 59]
]; whenYouUpdated ="11.03.2018";
var skipd; thePlayList=""; secs=""; shufl=""; playD=""; stoP=""; preStop=""; mins=0; topCount=0; randUm=0;

function loadTracks()
{topCount = trackList.length-1; thePlayList +='<b>$MUSICOIN Top '+trackList.length+' </b> Updated '+whenYouUpdated+'<ol>';
for (i=0; i<trackList.length; i++){if(trackList[i][3]<10){secs="0";}
thePlayList += '<li> <a href="'+trackList[i][0]+'">'+trackList[i][1]+'</a> '+trackList[i][2]+':'+secs+trackList[i][3]+'</li>'; secs="";}
preStop="false"; document.getElementById("trackLinks").innerHTML=thePlayList; nextHit();}

function nextHit(){if(shufl=="is on"){ranDum();} topCount++; if(topCount==trackList.length){topCount=0;}
document.getElementById("playcoins").innerHTML='<iframe width="100%" src="'+trackList[topCount][0]+'?embedded=true&autoQueue=true&preview='+preStop+'" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen></iframe>';
playD='loading track '+(topCount+1); if(preStop=="true"){playD=(topCount+1)+' stopped';} document.getElementById("trackPlayed").innerHTML=playD;
mins=trackList[topCount][2]*60000+trackList[topCount][3]*1000; skipd=setTimeout(function(){nextHit();}, mins);}

function ranDum(){var wheN=new Date(); randUm=wheN.getMilliseconds()%trackList.length;
if(topCount-1==randUm){topCount=randUm+(trackList.length/2); if(topCount>=trackList.length){topCount=topCount-trackList.length;}} else{topCount=randUm;}}

function shufIt(){clearTimeout(skipd); if(shufl=="is on"){shufl="";} else{shufl="is on";}
document.getElementById("buttons").innerHTML=' SHUFFLE '+shufl; nextHit();}
function skipIt(){clearTimeout(skipd); nextHit();}
function stopIt(){clearTimeout(skipd); if(stoP=="PLAY|>"){stoP="STOP[]"; preStop="false";}
else{stoP="PLAY|>"; preStop="true";} document.getElementById("bustop").innerHTML=stoP; nextHit();}

<style type="text/css">
body {background-color:#000000; color: #FFFFFF; font-family:Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;}
a:link {color:#0492C5; text-decoration: none;}
a:visited {color:#0492C5; text-decoration: none;}
a:hover {color:#E9C20B; text-decoration: none;}
.dontBreak{float:left; text-align:left;}

<body onload="loadTracks();">

Rapoets musicoin playlist <font color="ff0000">BETA 0.7 (takes a minute to load)</font>
<br><br><div id="playcoins" style="padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;"> . </div>
<div class="dontBreak" id="buttons0" style="padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;">## <a href="#" onclick="shufIt();"></div>
<div class="dontBreak" id="buttons" style="padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;"> SHUFFLE </div>
<div class="dontBreak" id="button1" style="padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;">
</a>##<a href="#" onclick="skipIt();">SKIP|>|></a> ##<a href="#" onclick="stopIt();"></div>
<div class="dontBreak" id="bustop" style="padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;">STOP[]</div></a> ##

<div id="trackLinks" style="padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;">Check these artists!</div></ol>
<div id="trackPlayed" style="padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;">Check these artists!</div>

If you like this playlist, leave a tip for the DJ,
<a href="">
MJ Moonbow</a>.<br>
If you use this embeddable player, leave a tip for the developer
<a href="">
@RapOet</a> on $Musicoin.


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Yes you get that, if someone tipped on that song. If you click it, you see a green message at the top.
This is necessary, because of the royality splits. If you click on it the tip is splitted like the song revenue....
It actually means, if there is a split, you send money from your account to another.

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