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where is link to you musicoin page?

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here’s no chance to use spotify in my country, but I can use Musicoin easily

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cool competitors. Best of you will be at Musicoin header

btw, atm we have new Big Star on the board - Carol Kay . It was surprise for me, check it out her page -

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without official answers all of this is only hypothesis. All’ll be clear after Isaac performance in Paris

but now take it easy and look at the starlunar sky

have a good night

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@musasimsek6 like life meaning, what is after death and who else live in the Universe?

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If ambassador doesn’t know it, I have no idea who could know it

All my attempts to understand and ask about PoSh lost in the echo, and at the moment I live with the same questions as topic starter


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Of course, even if MUSICOIN differentiates itself in this way, as being a GUILD rather than a slave to a corporate/instutional master, we still should expect to do a good job competing to be the best place for the indie artist and listeners, and that means making it easy and fun to be both listener and artist, with great features, etc. There’s no sense in being a GUILD if nobody comes to listen or contribute content. I hope the upcoming mobile app/new site release helps that become a reality.

I’m waiting for mobile App, 'couse atm to listen to music at site - it’s serious pain

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@mopsohod5 so you have to download local wallet, sync it and send coins to cryptopia from local wallet

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