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Matthew Greasley is an electronic musician, sound designer and audio-visual artist. Matt discovered the possibilities of electronic music experimenting with studio techniques and vintage synthesisers. Through influences ranging from Stockhausen, Kraftwerk to The Orb, Matthew has developed an interesting sound utilising a wide palette of sounds and techniques exploring ambient and beat driven sounds. Matt is the founder of Uncle Bob’s Records.

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Hello folks, I've uploaded this track especially for Ambient Music Week, hope you enjoy it!

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Well done and congratulations! You are the right man for the job!!

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My label project, Uncle Bob's Records is releasing an EP by a producer called Mod Exist on February 2nd. I'm making it available in advance on Musicoin, so please check it out here before it hits the mainstream!


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Hello, I've got my original artist account running well. I now want to set-up a separate account for my label (0xbf840dace8003c9497b23e78a1afb59d6e7fda1d) but there's a note on the feed saying I can't be verified as I already have an account?

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Cryptopia is now generating deposit addresses...

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@shotgun21 Listening now, great stuff...

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Hello, I'd love you to visit my profile and check out my music. Send me links to your stuff and I'll give it a spin... https://musicoin.org/nav/artist/0xf3558c9f006667cd1183b9ba91fe47d9820d7460

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