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Cool! I’d like to share ‘Zoals Liefde’, a song written in my native language (Dutch) with two dear friends, both member of the singer-songwriter forum I run ( The Songwriter Kitchen, it’s here: https://www.songwriter-forum-kitchen.com/forum/index.php ). The kitchen is about being independent (and non-professional) songwriters, and a lot of us love the ‘folk’ genre. That’s why I love to share this track here.
It’s called ‘Zoals Liefde’ (Like Love) and it tells a tale about true love… seen from the perspective of a melting pear-ice-cream… Yes, really! No, really? 😉

Enjoy! https://musicoin.org/nav/track/0x6332a084dd447a40547b8ef02247a9e2f1f1da6a

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Yw @Flocculent ! Love, peace and good-music! 😉

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Hi @Flocculent , there’s been some ongoing updates to the site (which will make the site better), that causes some offline time now and then. Everything is up and running again at the moment!
Cheers, Mar T.

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Hi @mrice ,

Good question! This question is actually answered in the Musicoin whitepaper, that can be found here: https://www.scribd.com/document/362834077/Musicoin-White-Paper-v2-0-0
on page 17 and 18 you’ll see the economic vision at the time of writing the whitepaper.
I hope that answers your question!

Mar T.

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Hi all,

Deze week worden een aantal ingewikkelde updates op de site uitgerold. Daardoor kan het zijn dat Musicoin (of delen van de site) af en toe niet beschikbaar is. Onze excuses voor het ongemak, we weten zeker dat je veel extra plezier zal hebben zodra de updates gereed zijn.
Dank voor je begrip!


Mar T

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Yes! Happy to share ‘Better than Revenge’, a collab of Alexxx (https://musicoin.org/artist/0xeb1174461a5ac017eced20ce68026588c127731e ) and me.
She wrote the song and recorded it with her iPhone in (I believe) a cellar. For a competition on my songwriting forum called ‘Cover a song from another member’ I covered hers. Revenue split is set up so Alexxx earns 50% of every play.

I think this is a beautiful track she wrote, and we had a lot of fun and joy when she listened to ‘my interpretation’. It’s R&B kinda-style this time, so imo it suits this song of the week contest. Enjoy listening!

Here it is: https://musicoin.org/track/0x6f95bfc651ed2cc7d05d73688a9a5e243245d23a

Mar T.

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