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"The world is a coffin, we are dead alive…"

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Taphophilia is a one man musickal project created in December 1999 by The Reverend Maelstrohm Black, a sombre musician, writer, poet and illustrator, fascinated by the realm of the dead, the occult and The Hereafter. Influenced by many a music style and also horror and dark fantasy film scores, the sound of Taphophilia is an adventurous journey into the darkest corners of the cemetery of your heart, a soundtrack to your funeral…

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My vote goes to Shades of Sorrow!

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Seems it finally works. I’ll be lenient and won’t say it was about **** time. 😉 Thank you. I used the “login with google” method. As far as login with email manually, it doesn’t work, as the part involving authorization codes getting sent to my cell phone is never completed. I attempted several formats, “+1(area code)(phone number)” "+1 (area code) hyphen (first part of phone number) hyphen (second part of phone number) etc., none of which resulted in my receiving the expected codes. Usually, from experience with other platforms, the first format is the one used, but was not successful here. You might like to look into this issue as well, when the devs aren’t so busy…

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I recently posted a link to my Musicoin profile on this new emerging blockchain social news sharing platform. I recommend you check it out, we need more musicians on there, maybe it would even be possible to collaborate between platforms, as they don’t yet have audio hosting capabilities…

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I agree wholeheartedly! During this “crypto winter”, musicians need a better incentive to join than mere fractions of a cent per play. This would allow the musician’s income to become a bit more stable, regardless of the state of the cryptocurrency market…

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I think that should have been one of the early features from the start. How are you supposed to interact with your followers if you don’t know who they are?

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I vote for M.I.N.D., solid guitars and vocals, love the mix of 70’s sound and contemporary metal!

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I voted for Stevee, while the ghost button cared to manifest…

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@zeljko-stanojkovski There was no “vote” to click on and clicking the name just brings me to the artist’s profile… o.O It’s beginning to feel like a broken record…

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@hydro-hellsing I wish it was as simple as you say it is, but it’s not. It is not possible to vote whatsoever, on either browser I use, button or not. I am a very patient man, I have attempted several different solutions, all without success, and even though I am not a coder, I am still more tech oriented than the average user. If it was only a cosmetic or superfluous problem, I obviously would have overlooked it, but it’s more than that. I don’t intervene often, I prefer observing silently, unless I feel my comment is necessary. Now It is. It makes no sense that two of the widest used browsers would have the same recurring issues with this forum. I don’t know what software you use to browse the web and I understand that from your end, it might seem breezy and nice, but my experience is quite different and, from what I have documented, many others experience similar discontent on either iteration of Musicoin. With all the competition brushing up to offer a similar product, our beloved platforms must, I am afraid, rise up to the challenge and raise the bar higher. As the first blockchain for music, it should be setting the standards, not following them. I have been a believer in Musicoin from the start and, as an Ambassador, I need to be able to present the service it offers with confidence, while knowing it will not let me down and deliver on its promise, especially now that it is not the sole player in the music blockchain field anymore.

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