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Singer/Songwriter Lovell hails from Md whose debut solo album Real R&B Returns has done wonders both commercially and critically. In 2017 Lovell was nominated for the prestigious award for Best New Artist and he was also nominated for the Uk's Bright Star Award for Best International Artist. The song "Groove With You" was feat on Expansion Records Luxury Soul 2017 Compilation Series and the single Helta Skelta charted as high as #2 on the Uk's Official Independent Soul Chart Top 20! Lovell has been reengergized since the release of his project and he's looking forward to releasing his next lp.

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Most if not all musicians want some form of acknowledgement, irrespective of genre so its imperative that we recognize and expose what we perceive as greatness! No need to “hog” all of the spotlight, for the light is far too bright for just a few to shine! Peace

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I’m an avid fan of most music but I have a specific affinity for Soul music fused with r&b & jazz!!! Im a vocalist/trumpeter and when I hear the esoteric rhythms of the aforementioned I often go into a frenzy when I’m really FEELING IT!!! PeAce

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@henry-rowland very eloquent and poignant post! Right on!

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@deejay-darkstorm If you can…just go to my page! Thanks😀

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