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French reggae artist, Leo Banton is a songwriter and a guitar player in the first place. He started playing blues rock as a teenager and soon joined a French reggae band called Soyouz.
In 2003, he formed a backing band with Manudigital. They called it D.R.S., Digital Riddim Section, as Manu was part of a Reggae Sound System called Digital Sound. With D.R.S., they backed lots of French artists such as Daddy Jee and M.B., Puppa Jay and Daddy Dart, Don Tony and Pokito, B Oner, Latypik, Daddy H, Keefaz, Kaliman…
In 2010, Leo Banton moved out to the South of France and continued making music by himself, creating the label prod33480. Besides making reggae instrumentals, he started writing his own songs and singing them in 2015. He sings both in French and in English. His songs are more successful now as his fanbase is growing, his songs were played on several radios.
After releasing a few singles since 2016, he released his first album Carpe Diem in 2018.

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In that case, may I suggest Unlucky with some African style guitar ?

Have a nice contest everyone !

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0_1531254043334_Unlucky Cover 500x500.png

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@zeljko-stanojkovski I have a track that could fit but since I just won the reggae contest I won’t get in the contest unless you say it’s ok.

Have a nice musical day !

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Thanks to everyone !

I’m honored and it feels good to see my music is liked. There’s more on my page by the way.

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One love !

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Cool contest, thanks for organizing it and good luck to everyone !

Leo Banton from France

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