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This is a great initiative - and an amendment that will embolden Musicoins position in the future. However i think the Adaptive PPP rate should be set what was originally mentioned in the Musicoin Whitepapers.![alt text]0_1534531109625_Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 9.37.32 PM.png

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UBI$MUSIC (verified account btw)

"Bot for $MUSIC blockchain. My Operations are only based on system and marketing needs. Please do not chat nor tip me. 😄 "

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Yes i am based out of Beirut - but unfortunately am not french educated.
Je suis Desole.

Hope that it comes around soon!

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Straight up don’t understand why there are bots…
Certainly don’t understand how there are Verified bot accounts.

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Hello All,

I am a bit of a new comer here - noticed there’s no way to create albums / compile tracks that are part of the same Record. I’d Like to add more tags than the given options.
Will there be user generated tags other than ( Genre)

Cheers -


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