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@metkraming There is no BEST (musician, painter, human being or whatever) out there! In my opinion voting in general makes no sense (especially for Art). Everything on this planet is totally subjective (it's an illusion 😉)... Talking about music, there is something like an individual taste. If you like something, you keep listening to it. That's already good enough! If somebody wants to support the artist with extra money it's good, too. I think it's not nescessary to have this thumbs 👍 /👎 thing. The music someone loves, another person dislikes... So who needs voting? It's always the same... if somebody is rich (or has many friends/connections whatever) wins. Now, with the great possibility of streaming music, it would be great to listen borderless and without preselections (many votings). The music industry manipulated the individual taste over so many years already... even categories for the genre are already little borders in my eyes. I think you can find great music in any genre! Every peace of music is a result of someone being creative 👏 and therefore it's worth listening to it. Another thing is that the Artist of the week should be randomized every time when you visit the page. It's fair and better for exploring new music. We can make the world a better place with small adjustments here and there. Everybody is equal! Art is free, so please be you and open minded! Please vote for no more votings! ☺

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@nick-efremov Hi Nick, as a musician you can create your own genres in the song properties... the first row is the genre, the second are tags...

What I don't undestand is how the search engine works. If I enter "Jazz" in the search field i don't get the expected results so far... If i use the following url with the genre as parameter i get better results...

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Dear Musicoin family,
first of all: Happy new 2018 to all of you!

Today i tried to listen to some jazz music on musicoin. The problem was, i was not able to find the music i was looking for. One problem might be that there are not enough artists right now. Another thing is that most of the tracks in the category Jazz & Blues are blues songs. I think it would be a good idea to split the category Jazz & Blues. Jazz has roots in the blues... thats true, but if this is the case for a song, it would be better to tag it as "bluesy" instead of mixing everything together. Jazz has so many different subcategories like Cool Jazz, Free Jazz, Bebop, Hardbop, Swing, Gypsy Jazz, Latin Jazz, Jazz Rock/Fusion, Acid Jazz ... to name a few... I think it's a good idea to have a global "standalone" Jazz category. Are there system wide default genres? Is there a difference if I create a new genre in the song properties? How does it work with the genres you create manually? If i enter Jazz, the suggestion is Jazz & Blues, but i can create every category I want in the properties. So i'm not shure about the backend and how it works exactly. Anyway, if there is something like a global category "Jazz & Blues" my suggestion is to split it. Does it make sense? 🙂


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