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I record and perform poetic rap verses (with no curses).
I'm not a programmer, but I created a beta musicoin player for artists to promote themselves and other musicoin artists.
You can see it embedded on my page
Or see it alone
Or check my post history for instructions on how to make your own - PEACE!

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Hey @Noella-Nix make sure you add your page link in your forum profile (SIGNATURE), so people can click to hear your music whenever you post star!

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So I just want to make sure you all know there's a difference between
The "nav/" part makes the difference between it being a link or an embed

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@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman I like that idea. Now that's getting in to the realm of things I want from Musicoin in 2019. Specifically DJ items like 1. cue points. 2. loop points. 3. looping part of a track (instead of just the whole track) imagine the vocalists who want to write a song or freestyle and jam... just looping part of a track.

I think this is an untapped treasure of musicoin, because it will help more artists collaborate. Instead of becoming like other platforms that literally JUST play songs, without any innovation in HOW we play the songs.

But I doubt it will happen very soon, because musicoin is still trying to figure out how to keep audiophile quality while giving faster buffer times. Sometimes it takes 10 seconds just to start from the regular beginning of a song lol

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@grupo-opção-3 okay excellent, thanks for the idea! (option to start player in shuffle mode)

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@juxta you're site is helping artists help other artists - love it

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Your quite welcome @Pavel-Omskin

Thanks @Grupo-Opção-3
Yes to start the player in shuffle mode, try
changing the loadTracks() function, so
the last line
instead of

preStop="false"; document.getElementById("trackLinks").innerHTML=thePlayList; nextHit();}

Change the last part from nextHit();} to shufIt();}

so the whole line would be
preStop="false"; document.getElementById("trackLinks").innerHTML=thePlayList; shufIt();}

That should work, but please let me know

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@david-bentler said in tipping charts -really????:

got to admit, kinda smart

LOL yeah it is haha!.
I'm wondering what the benefits and detriments are though.
First of all it made me laugh, so that's a positive 🙂

Second, it's continuous information flowing, so that's a positive

Third, it doesn't actually result in anyone receiving value (cause it's zero sum) so that's NOT a benefit

Fourth, it does potentially claim spots on the most tipped charts that we expected to go to people who are not tipping back the person who tipped them, so...that's problematic.

Aside from that it's just silly

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@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman Gets both of my points 🙂

  1. Some people think MC represents money... No it doesn't. Anyone who's here for more than 2 days will figure that out LOL. If you're worried about people seeing your money... they're NOT. because it could be anywhere from 1 penny to $100 on a given day and, noone knows when you removed your money how much it was worth.

  2. Also agree: At least for now it helps to ATTRACT newcomers to the site.

  3. Another point I didn't mention earlier: I can do this on most other sites. For example if someone has 1000 plays on Spotify, I know they made about $2. If they have 2,000,000 on Spotify I know they made about $4,000. And since those are Dollars that don't fluctuate like musicoin I actually know a lot MORE about what someone on spotify is making compared to someone on MUSICOIN.

Of course I don't know what their taxes are, their managers, production costs, what they ate for lunch, etc. so it's not really that interesting until people start getting Billions of plays... at which point... they can just be represented with a BIG SHINY STAR or something LOL! Anyway, by then they'll have more important things to think about.

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so either the system automatically gave your coin to another artist (which I haven't seen), or you gave coin in one of the many ways you can give coin without knowing.
You didn't play any music
And you didn't tip any artists

Did you star any comments?
When you star a comment on your profile or track pages it gives a coin.
If not we're running out of possibilities lol

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