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About me

I record and perform poetic rap verses (with no curses).
I'm not a programmer, but I created a beta musicoin player for artists to promote themselves and other musicoin artists.
You can see it embedded on my page
Or see it alone
Or check my post history for instructions on how to make your own - PEACE!

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I’ve started to add the weekly Artist of the Week winners to the Musicoin Playlist Beta

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@zeljko-stanojkovski Hey,! I’m a slack slacker, but I’ll post a message there - thanks for the motivation!! Still getting use to slack.

It looks like the embedded musicoin player IS WORKING again, even for non members, so the 1st part of the question is solved. We just need to make it so that it shows the affiliate links now.

I’ll post on slack

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By the way, on some browsers, the playlist WILL STOP PLAYING, if it’s covered by another tab or window. So make sure you keep it visible (even if reduced) if you want to keep the playlist going while working in another window

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@pavel-omskin said in Embedded Playlist BETA 0.2:

Wow, great job! At least I can add Musicoin player to my site! 😄

ps: Can I somehow change these: language and the texts “loading track x” and “$MUSICOIN Top x Update”?

Yes, you can edit any of the text. The fastest way is “CTRL+F” for the language you want. and just change the part inbetween the quotes, make sure you keep the quotation marks though even if there’s just a space between, unless you know how to code,

cause otherwise it could mess up the playlist code…


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@ijatz-guatemala said in Embedded Playlist BETA 0.2:

Greeeaaat @khaiim! Thaaanks for the follow up 😄

I guess the next step will be to insert this playlist module inside the Musicoin website, thus allowing the listeners to compose their playlists, and to be partially rewarded for doing it 😛

Yes alot of people don’t realize if you play a musicoin track on wifi on the musicoin website, and then you play another one, it automatically starts a playlist that you can repeat or shuffle.

But it would be great for fans to share playlists and get some coins when other fans play their playlist 🙂

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@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman said in Embedded Playlist BETA 0.2:

@KHAiiM now i dream of a live-dj dapp with 2 decks of musicoin playlists…wOOt

YES! A Musicoin DJ app!!!

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Hey @Zeljko-Stanojkovski and devs 🙂

I have an idea to resolve some confusion about 1. embedded players and 2. affiliate links.
And I think they can be resolved together.

The problem:
Last time I checked, if someone isn’t logged in, the embedded player just shows a blank iframe.
Artists aren’t sure whether to post their affiliate link or their music page link. So…

What if

  1. When a visitor sees an embedded musicoin song, instead of a blank screen, they see the affiliate link for the artist who shared the embedded song

  2. Then instead of posting affiliate links, each Musicoin member could promote Musicoin (and their affiliate link) just by embedding their songs.

Better promotion (faster, simpler), without having to remember affiliate links. Most important, instead of having lots of visitors confused by the blank embed, they are more tempted to try out Musicoin 🙂

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Hey it’s my first time updating this thread in several months, because…

Chrome now disables AUTOPLAY by default, so I added STEP 3 to the instructions (How to FIX disabled autoplay).

Here’s an example of how I use the embedded player on my website:


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Yes @Hydro-Hellsing thank you for posting 🙂

Also @M-I-N-D if you look in the signature of my posts, I have written step by step instructions for how to do it, as well as a thread for common questions about modifying the playlist (shuffle mode, etc.)

Chrome now by default does not autoplay so you have to

  1. Type in your browser “chrome://flags/”
  2. Scroll down or “CTRL+F” for “Autoplay policy”
  3. Choose “No user gesture is required”
  4. Restart your browser
    (No point in a playlist that doesn’t autoplay 🙂 )

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