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Here is a collaboration I did with my good friend Grand Space Adventure (who is also on Musicoin) and it has proved to be our most popular track on those platforms (that I won't name) who pay you a pittance! 😛

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Just tried to send some MC to Cryptopia and received this message. What does it mean?

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When I do a search for an artist using Chrome on a Mac it initially shows the correct result but then about 1 second later it refreshes the screen and shows a search as if I had searched for " ".

I have noticed this refreshing of the screen when loading my profile too.

Oddly it doesn't always do it.

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I have the embedded player on but if someone decides they don't want to listen to a song they can skip to the next track. However if they do that rather than getting a message that says "you need to wait for your next free play" you just get a white box where the player should be.

Could you insert a message instead please.

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I will be talking about, the blockchain, being a Musicoin Ambassador as well as anything else that happens to come up.

Please join us and feel free to ask questions during the interview.

On Facebook at 13:00 CET (12:00 GMT).

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