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@neon-insect Exactly! But I still think the artwork, at least needs to be the right size. I'm sure with more popularity things will get situated but right now it is more important than ever to crack down on presentation of the front page.

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Presentation goes a long way and this Swilly guy on the front page is making Musicoin look bad! And i'm not taking about the music because he is talented but the image that is blown up on the front page looks really bad!!! It should be a requirement for feature artist to at least have quality artwork to be displayed on the front page!! This will help everyone because no one will want to invest in musicoin if it does not look good. I've already tried getting bands from festivals I book on here and they all get thrown off by the big ugly Swilly AD!

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@lagro but those new tags you add are hidden. No one can search Improvised Acoustic and find you! You just label your song and thats it.

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Every time we add a song and we tag the genre, the new genre that we add should be added to the tags. There is only basic standard boring genres listed on musicoin.

No blues? Just Jazz & Blues. No Rock-N-Roll? Just Rock. Cream and Creed could both be listed under rock and they are not the same thing!

We need better taste on Musicoin and new genres will help this problem.

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