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An electronica producer and audio engineer with synthpop and classic metal roots.

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Hi there, I had 100 coins tipped last night, and they havent become available for distribution as yet. Is there a problem with something in the system?

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And im waiting too, transfered 1000. hoping hoping

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Ok, Ive registered my label account now, and wanted to share my process so you can get an idea of how ive worked around listing artists.

My label does compilations, and single artists releases.
The way I am approaching this is I use the label account for the compilations in the naming protocol of "artist name - track name"

Through my existing label infrastructure (web hosting) I create email addresses for each artist and register them separately on musicoin for their personal releases. PPP royalties are setup to their own wallets, so they get the benefits of their own releases plays, and the compilations plays goes to the label. - This incidently works into the contractual arrangements we sign the artists under, so potentially will work perfectly.

Its a bit of work initially to set it up, but after the initial process I think it should work well.


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Hi there, i just wanted to draw your attention to a new profile ive created for my small label specializing in Electronic releases, primarily in the genres of synthwave, retrowave, futuresynth, progressive house and all associated genres.

Ive currently uploaded the first compilation of artists, and will be expanding on the discography over time.

Please come and check us out

All label inquiries can be made to

Filtersweep Collective Bandcamp Page

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As a musician, AND a label owner it would be very useful to be able to easily and quickly switch between profiles on the main profile drop-down (Where you have SIGN OUT). Logging out and back in again is a bit of a problem when managing different profiles, due to cookies (i presume) automatically assuming when you sign in, that your credentials are the same.

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Yes, we certainly need this thing, along with artist name with album uploading, so it can function better from a label perspective. Ive only uploaded last years releases (my personal ones) and already it's becoming intense. When i start going through my labels releases its going to get insane.

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@kate-mclaughlin I love a collaboration. Have a listen to my material and see if it would fit what your after

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