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Here is a link to one of my traxx. Please feel free to check my profile out for more of my traxx. Thanks.

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Hello, not sure if this fits the genre. Most of my music is a hybrid of different genres. Which is why I have never tried to enter my songs into these contests. I am a singer and a songwriter so I will let you guys decide if it fits or not. Thank you very much. I hope you will enjoy either way.

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Yeah this is very confusing on why it works and doesn’t work. I am sharing but ppl seem to be saying the audio is not playing. The record is spinning but no sound. (We ain’t Pootie Tang.) These ppl are not signed up either so thought that why ppl needed to be signed up. Confusing. I really want this site to work but at the end of the day if ppl cant hear then soundcloud it is. To be honest ppl still have issues trying to play soundcloud as well. Musicoin needs to win this.

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