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British guitarist living off the land in Cambodia.
I play lovely instrumental tunes perfect for your sleeping pleasures.
Thanks so much for your support :)

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@iamnicknames Why thank you sire 😄
It was fun doing it and a fine place to make a memory.
Cheers for the kind words nick.

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@niuquin Nice one buddy. I happen to have a few of those © 💯
Here is a guitar lesson for those who are maybe not familiar with rhythm.
I doubt many MC users or people who see this can’t tap a beat but maybe you can play it to your neighbours when you are around for a cup of tea.

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Here’s a little tune for ya titled Forest Pump 🙂

Join me for a tale of walking through a dark forest and being faced with multiple trails leading off into different ways.
You’re not sure which one to take when you notice the trees swaying on one of the trails, so you take that one.

You finally make it out to the end and are faced with a lush green field full of magic mushrooms and nuggets as big as Coke bottles.
That’s what I feel anyway…lol
How about you?

Video planned and coming soon.

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Hmm Rock is my middle name…
Here is my submission titled Dreamcatcher.
Played in C minor tuning it has quite a phaat beat even though there aren’t any drums in it.
It gives the feel of when love dies and you look back and remember.0_1524497205757_Sweet Little Thing.png,

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Right on Anthony! Well done in going full Steam ahead.
I am also new to sharing my music also, and the internet world.
I wish you good luck in finding the right thing that works for you with a crypto etc.
It would be a good idea to sign up on as well.

Lot’s of useful stuff on there regarding crypto and a great place to make new friends involved in this revolution!.. ha
Will certainly pop over to your page.

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After writing this piece and leaving it bare for a while, I have found a new found love for it and happy to collab with the right folk 🙂

I really think with the right mix this could have an effect on people!!
Some wicked atmospheric Trance played on my acoustic.

The story goes…
The Morning After is a tune which was written at 7am after being out all night taking happy pills…

It tells the tale of walking home in the eery quietness of the morning after the nightclub.
Catching glimpses of the suns rays in between the cracks of the houses and streets.
Finally making it to the comforting sight of the big front door to your home.

Of course the day was spent in bed with a few munchies and cheeches…
You know how it goes 🙂


I would love to play this live onstage in Ibiza, @3am, chill every body down for a bit and slowly bring them back up into it…
Everybody off their heads having a good time 🙂
That could happen 🙂
0_1524231041817_the morning after pic.png
Let me know if you feel it 🙂

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@volareo Thanks for the reply. A lot of good answers on there to everone 🙂

Well for me as a Solo guitarist my fans would like to learn my music. as instrumental guitar tends to attract people who enjoy the same nature,but i have no proper/easy way to implement the sales and advertising of lessons with my computer skillset.
My fanbase is only going to get bigger which is great!! So I would love to see a kind of personal store related to the artist where fans and supporters could buy merch or tablature, video lessons. Similar to the Swift Coin setup?
Or even a monthly subscription fee to see bonus content and extras, like Patreon say 🙂
Can ya feel it? Ha

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