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Musicoin Wallet v.1.0.1 supports the upcoming hard fork scheduled for block 2,222,222.

All users of previous wallet versions should immediately download and install this upgrade in order to avoid loss of funds and prevent transacting on an alt chain, which may have potentially harmful consequences.

Download download the 1.0.1 wallet at

Musicoin Wallet v.1.0.1 adds translation support for the following languages: Chinese (simplified and traditional), Spanish, Russian, French, Dutch and Portuguese,

In addition, the bootstrap sync mechanism has been reworked in order to ensure that users don't connect with peers which are running older versions, which may not be mining on the MUSIC chain.

Additional options to wipe the blockchain data from docs and to move the blockchain directory are also supported in this release.

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Our hard fork will activate on block 2,222,222. Please upgrade to GMC v2.6.2 prior to that.

Thank you.

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Musicoin Global Recruiter

Location: Remote

Job type: Part time/Full Time

Compensation: 75,000 MUSIC (* note: Successful recruitments will be rewarded accordingly)

Job description:

Musicoin is a decentralised platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology in empowering musicians to take full ownership of their content and finances. Our platform is built on a transparent Peer-to-Peer network powered by programmable smart contracts to enable fair remuneration for all musical content and services.

The Musicoin Team is looking for recruiters passionate about disruptive model, familiar with the crypto space, with prior experience in traditional/crypto hiring. We need dedicated people who are committed to the job, have good communication skills and can work by themselves, without requiring constant supervision.

You’ll be working with a fast paced, highly motivated team with a focus on delivering on goals and checkpoints as we move forward. There is no hierarchy and you’ll be working directly with the founder and will have authority to do what benefits the project in general.

Requirements: Understand global human resource demographics Fluent English communication An inclusive mindset Keen to move to Mars someday

Interested parties should email credentials to varunram at musicoin dot org

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Congratulations, Niki!

Be sure to check out this week's nominees and cast your vote here.

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Multi-Grammy Award Nominee Pascal Guyon and French artist Pamela Hute join the conversation this week!

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Musicoin added to Coinomi multi-asset mobile wallet


The Musicoin Project is pleased to announce a partnership with the Coinomi mobile wallet, giving users of the world’s first blockchain-enabled music streaming service greater flexibility to interact with MUSIC, the platform’s native cryptocurrency.

Launched in 2014, Coinomi is a leading security-first mobile wallet, featuring robust encryption and cryptography to guarantee that private keys never leave user’s device. Musicoin joins Bitcoin and over 90 major altcoins supported by user-friendly Coinomi, which features Shapeshift and Changelly integration for instant, on-board currency exchange and the ability to set custom transaction fees.

Musicoin’s business development manager Juan Valcárcel was effusive in his praise for the partnership. “It’s a great day for Musicoin as we join the Coinomi community. Musicoin believes in giving artists and fans more options and financial freedom than ever before with blockchain technology, and this convenient solution does exactly that.”

Musicoin users with Android devices may download Conomi here. An IOS version is currently in development.

Musicoin (MUSIC) is a smart cryptocurrency and music streaming platform built upon the Musicoin blockchain. Musicians and listeners worldwide are encouraged to visit Musicoin’s official website at

Please contact for media inquiries.

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MC Plays: a live weekly roundtable of music and cryptocurrency

In the digital age, independent artists often struggle to find lucrative payment channels to showcase their music. Popular streaming services pay out fractions of a cent per play, and issue royalty payments infrequently. Musicoin — the world’s first streaming service powered by blockchain technology — solves this problem by paying artists fairly, directly, and instantly. Every time a song is played on their platform, the artist receives one Musicoin in their digital wallet — a cryptocurrency which can be traded for Bitcoin. Listening is free to all users.

Fresh off of its one-year anniversary, Musicoin’s user base is growing, and quickly converting some of its artists into evangelists for the project. About to enter its third week, MC Plays is a live YouTube broadcast hosted by four North American and British Musicoin artists who regularly convene online to discuss their love of music and cryptocurrency.

“Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the internet boom of our generation that gives us an opportunity to create wealth for our people,” says PUP (Pain United with Passion), a conscious hip hop artist, community activist, and youth mentor from Connecticut. He hosts a YouTube channel (Crypto Kingz) that merges hip hop’s innovation and style with cryptocurrency education. When PUP discovered Musicoin, he knew it was the perfect marriage of his favorite pursuits.

South London’s Neil Keating (aka Controlled Weirdness) is a longtime producer and DJ who has been involved in all aspects of underground club and sound system culture since the early 80s. Having managed two record labels (previously, Unearthly Records and currently, Presence Unknown), he’s attracted to the immediacy of the technology and its ease for compensation for independent musicians.

Khaiim the RapOet (aka Self Suffice) is an MC from New York City who has received numerous accolades for lecturing positive messages to youth at high schools and colleges (including Yale and Trinity) —earning President Obama’s “Champions of Change” distinction. He has performed around the world with artists, including Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Alice Walker and Grammy winners Talib Kweli and Common.

England’s Daniel Lawton used to record acoustic artists for his YouTube channel ACTV (Acoustic Central TV), before getting interested in creating and engineering his own music. After receiving an offer to study at the British Academy of New Music, he gained first-class honors studying Creative Music Technology at Anglia Ruskin University. He is currently working on his first neo-classical/ambient EP.

“After University, I became very interested in the application of blockchain technology in the music industry,” says Lawton, who is also now a video coordinator for Musicoin TV.

On Sunday, February 25, the MC Plays hosts will be joined by two French Musicoin artists, Pamela Hute and Pascal Guyon.

Watch MC Plays live on the Musicoin TV YouTube channel on Sundays at 2 p.m. ET, 11 a.m. PT, and 7 p.m. GMT.

Musicoin (MUSIC) is a smart cryptocurrency and music streaming platform built upon the Musicoin blockchain. Musicians and listeners worldwide are encouraged to visit Musicoin’s official website at

Please contact for media inquiries.

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right now!

We’ll be interviewing Boston’s Noetic J, discuss current music news, and review this week’s candidates for Musicoin’s Artist of the Week.

To receive a notification every time MC Plays goes live, and every time new content is added to our channel, click here, then click on the bell icon to the right of the subscription button.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can find last week’s debut episode


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Today, the Musicoin Project has released the Musicoin Desktop Wallet v1.0, a feature-rich rework of their open source cryptocurrency wallet supporting the world’s first blockchain-based music streaming platform. And in a wallet first, a built-in audio player allows users to stream their favorite Musicoin tunes while they sync and move funds.alt text

The colorful new release boasts a robust list of features and performance improvements in a much leaner package — reducing the blockchain download weight and sync time by more than 50%. As personal security is of utmost importance with all cryptocurrencies, mandatory private key backups are forced upon initial install.

“This is a complete rethink of how we envision our wallet as we move into Musicoin’s second year,” lead developer Varunram Ganesh says. “It’s been redesigned from the ground up, with an extreme focus on our users’ desires. As far as we know, this is the first crypto-wallet that plays great music and supports musicians at the same time.”

Eugene Gusev, another v.1.0 developer, adds, “This wallet adds great value to musicians who feel that current popular streaming services, labels, and corporations just steal their money. Musicoin really steps ahead here.”

A full listing of the wallet’s changelog can be viewed here.

Download the new wallet here.

Musicoin (MUSIC) is a smart cryptocurrency and music streaming platform built upon the Musicoin blockchain. Musicians and listeners worldwide are encouraged to visit Musicoin’s official website at

Please contact for media inquiries.

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Our v.1.0 wallet is ready for download. Read on to discover what’s new.

Sleek new UI

  1. An all new UI with a new quick access navbar, from where critical functionalities like signing messages, checking exchange balance, direct links to Musicoin's public forums along with an introduction section only on first start-up for guiding users new to how a wallet functions.
  2. Unique profile picture assigned to each account in order to make identification easier.
  3. Standalone Send Funds button so that you can send funds from any of your accoutns, with one click
  4. Integrated music player - Access from within the wallet UI while it syncs and transfer coins easily, efficiently and without errors between the web and desktop wallets. You can also maximize/minimize the windows to enhance your music listening experience.
  5. Clear indication when the wallet is in sync - No more worrying whether your tx made it through or not, the send funds button unlocks only when the wallet is within a few blocks of the chain.
  6. View your balance in BTC, USD and MUSIC at the click of a button, thanks to a new clutter-free design, which introduces just three columns showing you critical info.
  7. Per account backups and import function
  8. Create and import paper wallets so that you don't lose your keys in case your disk storage and backups fail.

Reduced weight
Improved fast sync in compliance with go-ethereum has reduced the chain size to < 10 GB

Improved synchronization and security

  1. Previously, the list of bootstrap nodes was not loaded on start-up, now it does. Users on connecting to a new peer will save new bootstrap nodes in bootnodes.json automatically.
  2. User also has ability to restore default smaller nodes list via menu (Advanced - Restore default nodes list)
  3. In case your local time is incorrect, you would see notification, with suggestion to enable time synchronisation in your OS.
  4. Displaying private keys and mnemonics don't store state, providing good privacy

Host of configurable options

  1. Select go-musicoin cache size from the new navbar at the top of the screen.
  2. Restore the default list of enodes, if you prefer connecting to a set of trusted peers.
  3. Sign and verify messages, all from within the wallet itself.
  4. Create a wallet with an easy to remember mnemonic or choose the standard way of using a password.
  5. Display the private key at the click of a button, forget your keys no more.
  6. Mandatory backups of your key are taken at startup at a directory chosen by the user, no more worrying that you don't have a backup handy.

Support for legacy operating systems
Support for Windows versions older than 7 is now available at a configured legacy release branch (some features are restricted to master and won't be available on the legacy implementation)

Bug fixes

  1. General bug fixes due to issues encountered in earlier versions (wallet not launching on specific OSes, import problems on legacy versions) have all been solved.
  2. Automated build environment at to download releases directly along with SHA sums for verification.

In short, Musicoin Desktop Wallet 1.0 is a whole new rethink of the Wallet and is a short glimpse of the things to come as the Musicoin Community moves forward. Enjoy $MUSIC!

Download here:

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Today is Musicoin's 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!

We are excited to launch our new video podcast called Musicoin Plays aka MC Plays.

Musicoin Plays is the first show of its kind. It merges music and crypto, highlighting Musicoin's revolutionary blockchain music platform.

With four hosts from two different countries (US and UK) bringing their diverse well rounded experience of the music industry. Watch and Listen as we make weekly special announcements, discover and highlight new artists, pick and play the Artist of the Week, and MUCH MORE...

Let's make this a huge movement for independent artist. Let's make this a platform where independent artist can make a living from their music. Listeners will get to support their favorite artists and discover new artists for free.

Tune in now:

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@jay-stapley No. This does not work. You'll notice that it says right in your online wallet that you should not send money directly to exchanges.

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@rone-charles Have you submitted links to all of your material on your social accounts? I do know there is a backlog right now because it takes time to vet all of the applications coming in. Be patient.

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@mudrost Good to hear! I think they ironed out their issues.

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We have received word from two Cryptopia users over the past half hour that their funds have arrived. Patience may pay off, but it is of my opinion that Bittrex is a far more reliable exchange.

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