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We are thinking to have a “Sharism” curation function to be embedded in the new web/mobile applications to reward passionate curators. Let’s invite product design manager @Cxxxv-Opera to make sure it’s well considered.

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It’s fantastic move and eventually “Crypto becomes real”. It’s also a possible game changer in smart speakers arena.

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some quick answers:

  1. it depends on which one values more by then, if we got first millionaire on MC, it may be not so significant, but I doubt if people choose USD when there’s a billionaire appears.
  2. Life pass is about a subscription model, not monthly, but lifelong one to buy a membership forever with one time payment(e.g. 10k MC); Musician franchise is to help musicians sell other musical products(instruments, personal collections, autographs, etc.) More others to be explained soon.
  3. We are yet to open the platform to all developers, currently, there are 2-3 partners working with it in stealthy mode.
  4. Yes, more concrete plans to be shared time by time.
  5. “Ice age” will be removed together with the introducing of PoSh, with current version of blockchain, the coin supply won’t exceed 1billion by 2020.

hope these help.

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