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Okay. I've summarized, how I usually convert $MUSIC to the currency that I want. Be warned, these are only, my way of converting $MUSIC to INR(Indian Rupee). So, use this method at your own risk.

Simplified steps:

  1. Transfer $MUSIC to Bittrex.
  2. Sell $MUSIC for BTC in Bittrex.
  3. Transfer BTC to localbitcoins
  4. Sell BTC for desired currency.

Complete Steps:

  1. Create a bittrex account.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. In bittrex, you can sell $MUSIC for BTC. You need 2 address in bittrex to hold $MUSIC & BTC amount.
    1. $MUSIC address, used to receive $MUSIC from personal account & to sell $MUSIC for BTC.
    2. BTC address, used to receive BTC from the buyer of $MUSIC.
  4. First lets create $MUSIC address by clicking on Wallet in the Bittrex main menu(top).
  5. Search for MUSIC in search box. Only Musicoin will be listed in the table below. See below screenshot.
  6. Click on + icon in the beginning of the row.
  7. A dialog box will be show. See below screenshot & follow the instructions in there.
    0_1516185809675_Bittrex_com_-_Wallets 2.png
  8. Generated address will be show in the text box, as show in the below screenshot.
  9. Repeat steps from 5 to 8 to generate BTC address(Note: Search for BTC instead MUSIC).
  10. Copy generated $MUSIC address & head over to, to transfer $MUSIC to Bittrex & click on Show options link in My Wallet section.
  11. Enter copied address in the Recipient field & amount in Amount field. Hit send!
    0_1516186220841_Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 12.09.53 PM.png
  12. Usually it takes about 10 minutes to see the funds in bittrex account. May take more or less time.
  13. Once you see the transferred amount in AVAILABLE BALANCE column, goto trading window, by clicking on the MUSIC link in Symbol column.
  14. Sell Musicoin section looks like below. Follow the steps in the below screenshot to make a sell order.
  15. Sell order dialog looks like below.
  16. Enter the generated BTC address in the next dialog, when asked.
  17. Wait till the sell order to complete. It will take variable amount of time depending on the amount you specify.
  18. While you wait for the sell order to complete, goto & create an account.
  19. Login to
  20. Click on Wallet link from the top menu.
  21. Click on Receive bitcoins tab or goto & copy bitcoin address as mentioned in the screenshot.
  22. Get back to bittrex Wallet section to withdraw funds to
  23. Withdraw dialog looks like below. Follow the instructions in there.
  24. Finally, find a buyer who can give your desired currency for your bitcoins, make a trade, provide the buyer with your bank account details, once you see the money in your bank account, release bitcoins to the buyer.

This is how, I am converting $MUSIC to INR. I hope this helps!

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@cherry-garcia Visit your profile page. Enter email address, if not entered already. If your email is not verified, near email input field, you will see a "Send Verification Email" link. Just click on that! You will receive the verification email!

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@ryan-tanaka Thanks for sharing. We will look into this issue.

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@kate-mclaughlin Thanks for the explanation. We will look into that!

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@neon-insect By "sharing" you mean, shares on social networks?

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I also use bittrex & have had no problem with that so far!

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@juxta, thanks for reporting. This issue will be taken care of in one of the next set of improvements/bug fixes!

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@restless-natives Currently, one can purchase musicoin from bittrex exchange. I am not sure about other exchanges. With bittrex, an user can purchase $MUSIC using BTC or ETH & transfer that to Musicoin web wallet. Then, that coins can be used to tip artists.

I agree that for an user or listener, this is a lot of work to just to tip the artist. But, I am sure that, in near future, we will have some setup in place to buy musicoins easily with just few clicks.

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@Donatello-Figliuolo Thanks for reporting. We will sort this out soon. cc @hayrullah-cansu

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@kate-mclaughlin Could you explain a bit more about "load faster"?

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