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Heellooo @arnaugil-13, welcome aboard and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂

Yes, like @Zeljko-Stanojkovski mentioned, we’re around 20 Ambassadors submitting the names of Musicoiners of whom the music pleases us. I’d say it’s really hard not to be picked at some point for an artist proposing quality music, since that Ambassadors group shares a wiiide array of musical trends and practices.

Two preliminar points:

  • is your username the same here in the Forum and on the Musicoin website?;
  • to be selected you need to have released on the platform a minimum of 4 tracks.

Looking forward to listen to your creations 😄

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I herebelow share an announcement made by our South African Ambassador, @edprivat:

Hello everyone!!

As discussed with @Dj Lethal Skillz and @niuQuin, here is the link to the first Artzone (Steemit curators) & Musicoin contest, everyone is welcome to join, ambassadors included. ​

The prize pool is 30 STEEM AND 10k MUSIC.
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
The rules of the contest are explained in the post, we can extend for another week if needed!


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Dear fellow Musicoiners, we’re all invited to listen here to the Keynote presentation:

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Heellooo @humheumel-2, and nice to Musicoin you 🙂 A warm welcome back to this Musecosystem!

The verification process is mainly under @Zeljko-Stanojkovski hands, I’m tagging this thread for him to check your situation.

Btw, what’s your username on the Musicoin website?

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Congratulations @Solar-Phasing! I’m gonna check out this composition 🙂

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Heellooo @spidola! Everything Musicoining on your side? 🙂

I’m gonna copy / paste your message on @juxta’s Steemit, it’s probable he’ll see it there sooner.

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Excellent proposal @metkraming!

No doubt @Zeljko-Stanojkovski will shed some light on this theme, both for being responsible for the copyright aspects and for being a greeeaat classical music pianist (see:

What I see, just by reading one website source on that respect, is that: “The Earliest that Copyright Protection will Expire for any Sound Recording in the USA is 2067. Remember that a musical work and a sound recording of a musical work have separate copyright protection. The children’s song, “Mary Had A Little Lamb” is absolutely in the public domain worldwide, and it can be freely used by anyone. However, in the USA, no sound recordings of “Mary Had A Little Lamb” are in the public domain. If you want to use any sound recording - even a sound recording of a public domain song - you must either license a recording or create your own recording.” (here:

We’ll have to revise how’s the situation in other countries, or launch, as you suggest, a specific “Public Domain” profile, inviting Musicoin artists to interpret classical compositions and to donate their $MUSIC earnings 🙂

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Fabulous job @stevee! These last 4 days I’ve seen 5 Russian (or Russian-speaking) artists boarding the platform, it’s becoming a trend, haha, and the most probable is that it derives from your untiring work explaining the community-building processes of Musicoin! 😄

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@metkraming The GitHub published MCIP-8 (well, its draft version, hehe) may be considered as an official answer 🙂

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Hello @pdmoonmusic, and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂

If you refer to links towards your tunes, you may publish them in this “Musicians and Music” section, creating a post for that purpose.

Another option is pasting them in your Musicoin website state box, for all your followers to receive the links and/or videos in their personal feed.

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Heellooo fellow Musicoiners! @musicoin-Italia @metkraming @musasimsek6 @Stevee 🙂

These days some meetings (“physical” and online ones) are taking place to set up an adequate frame allowing us to address all these questions, for example the main devs will be meeting and working in Hong Kong tomorrow (Monday).

Regarding the Proof of Sharism, yes, it’ll replace the mining activity by a purely social activity. I haven’t been actively contributing to its definition, till now, but a features suggestions space will be open, for us all to drop our ideas about it. The main line is: let’s base Musicoin’s wealth production on our creativity and solidarity (which are unlimited resources 😉 ) instead of on a limited money supply coming from blockchain mining. The way to earn $MUSIC, under that new regime, will be through curating other artists songs, sharing them on other platforms, composing tracks together, offering ideas to the Community, etc.

4 days ago Isaac opened a MCIP (Musicoin Improvement Proposal) around it on GitHub, here:

(again, I’m not in the team shaping PoSh, I just use to cast a glance at our GitHub every week or so, it’s a very healthy habit 😄 ).

Regarding the mobile app, we’re in the process of fostering a permanent collaboration between the Ambassadors and Zack’s team (in charge of its development), for that app to be the fruit of a real “co-creation”. Isaac will talk with Zack today about this topic.

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Greeeat @george-moutafis! Let’s cooperate from BitTube too 🙂

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Heellooo @ciarrocchi!

I globally agree with your proposal, especially its “pay the ambassadors to do it remotely” modality (I’m not supporting it for being an Ambassador myself, haha, it’d be some other Ambassadors who would carry that verification task). Let’s ask @Zeljko-Stanojkovski what he thinks about it 🙂

On the other hand, some very popular blockchain-based platforms require their potential users to wait way more than Musicoin asks its verified artists to wait (24 hours). Think of Steemit, where waiting 2 weeks before being allowed to write your first comment is more the rule than the exception…

Regarding Choon pretending to be the “biggest blockchain-rooted music platform”, it’s a lie. As @cryptofuture was explaining recently,
"…) Choon counts any user as artist, but we are counting separately users without verified uploads. On Musicoin we have 52,096 users 5,368 artists and 31,068 releases".

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Heellooo @ciarrocchi! 🙂

A way to get a broader array of released songs on a sole screen is clicking on the loop logo which appears on the searching box, leaving that box in blank. However, it’ll still show you the “most something” tunes (most tipped / played / recent), not the “less something” ones, where by definition those “Hidden Gems” (“Hidden Jams”? 😉 ) lie.

So what I do to find that kind of early published / forgotten tracks is browsing our catalogue genre by genre, or keyword by keyword. For instance, entering “metal”, with the “plays” parameters selected, as follows:

we harvest 150 different compositions, related to metal, many of them having (unfortunately) been listened to less than 20 times.

I agree the platform needs to implement a “total search” tool, and I guess the soon to happen release of the Musicoin API will foster better conditions for such a feature integration 😄

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Heellooo @ciarrocchi! The Musiconomi token abreviature is “MCI” (according to, thus “MUSI” cannot be theirs.

I’ll send a “wanted Trezor user” message to a wider audience (through Slack), to harvest a first hand and personal experience about it 🙂

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Heellooo @Laura-Atencio, and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂 (por cierto, ¿eres hispanófona? 😛 ).

I hope you’ll forgive me to copy here parts of answers or articles I’ve published before in other threads ;-).

Besides what other Musicoiners mentionned above, one crucial difference I valorate between Musicoin and Choon is the NO ICO dimension in Musicoin.

Exactly like the “Good elder ones” (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, DigiByte) the Musicoin project never organized an Initial Currency Offering (ICO), a process which has often artificially inflated many crypto-based initiatives, both in their monetary value and their marketing promises, reverting the logical order of their growth (they harvested a lot of money on the basis of an advertisement campaign, not on a working product); on the contrary, since its launch in February 2017, Musicoin has been growing with an astonishing discretion, without investing a sole dollar or crypto in ads, and at a pace which will never be affected by the bulls, bears, whales and any other zoological oddities 😉

Secondly, the heart of the Musicoin process is not a technical one: it’s based on building a Community, a space where the artists and the listeners co-operate (I myself am a listener), sharing ideas, solidarity mechanisms, lived experiences and sensibilities. A Community in which the kind of feedback you provide us with (bringing suggestions, opening perspectives) is warmly welcome, and where we hope the “consumer artist” attitude (“I register on a platform, I want a perfect service, and I if it requires any personal involvement, I use to complain”) will be the exception… 🙂

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