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Dear fellow Musicoiners, and Musicoin devs :-), the herebelow feature suggestion aims at:

  1. avoiding to throw into an abysmal oblivion pit the artists who were early Musicoin adopters and who released their songs 8, 9, sometimes already 12 months ago, during the first Musicoin lifecycle (i.e. before the UBI too and the added ease it has represented for anybody to listen to more newly posted tracks);
  2. enhancing and dynamizing the interactions woven between artists and “mere listeners”, giving one more tool to the latter in promoting the compositions of the former ;
  3. add more value to the « follower » status.

It could work as follows :

  • Any user will have the right to curate 5 Musicoin tracks (from different artists) each month. By clicking on the corresponding button, he’ll make each of those songs pop up in a specific « curated tracks » column (playlist), on his/her Musicoin’s followers opening page (the same way we see till now the « New releases », « New artists », « Top tipped », etc. columns) ;

  • The requisites for a track to be curated are :
    a) It has been released on Musicoin for at least 6 months ;
    b) It hasn’t reached the threshold of 200 (two hundred) plays ;
    c) Besides (and before) clicking to promote the song, the curator writes a paragraph (+/- 50 words) about why he/she considers that composition to be worth sharing (its originalities, strenghts and weaknesses, eventual sources of inspiration, etc.) – this parameter should allow the curation process to be an enriching one for the Community, even in the conceptual and emotional fields (and to go beyond the usual « great song buddy ! » ;-p) ;

  • At the « other end » of the mechanism, the curated artist also sees his/her song showing up in a « curated tracks » column – but this time listing his/her songs only 🙂 (you’ll notice it wouldn’t be necessary for a user to follow an artist before curating one of his/her songs, although the curation act itself probably will trigger such a following/friendship relation :-).

It’ll then be up to the artist to decide if he « tips » the curator, and for which MC amount (it could be, for instance, 20% of the estimated plays (and MC) that the increased visibility and « refresh » offered by the curation will have brought to his/her song).

Waiting to read your adds-on, adjustements proposals, critics, etc. 🙂

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Deeaaar fellow Musicoiners, have you noticed too that today each “play” smash we do converts itself in 2 listenings of a tune, in the track account?

I doubt this is the first “Proof of Sharism” algorithm manifestation 😉

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Hello, fellow Musicoiners! We’re happy to inform you we’ll hold a first “Musicoining” meeting with Guatemalan and Guatemala- based artists, this coming Friday, in Guatemala City.

Any musician or songwriter you’d like to link with the initiative, just send me a pm here 🙂

This first meeting will aim at displaying the platform towards some local artists who are likely to adopt it for their own production, and to promote it on the Guatemalan music scene.

We proposed calling it a “Musicoining” activity, cause thanks to this platform we’re not only generating wealth and independance amongst artists, we’re inventing a different future 😉

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Fellow Musicoiners, David Viquez (aka TallyHood), who posted a first song on our platform one year ago and - to quote him - “almost forgot he had an account there” ;-), published some days ago on his Steemit blog his impressions after he recently returned and uploaded a song called … “ShitCoins” (song title which, when we read the globally very positive article, obviously doesn’t point to the $MUSIC, haha).

The Steemit post is available here:

(we still have 2 days left to upvote it 😉 )

And here is his newly uploaded song:

Would be cool to show him some support, and welcoming him again (or for the first time, haha).

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Fellow Musicoiners, beloved Ambassadors and Team members,

While thinking around the Forum dynamisation means, the following suggestion came to my mind:

To promote this Forum use, couldn’t we simply base ourselves on the metrics we usually first look at, on a user profile: the reputation points.

The mechanism would be this way:

  • We publicly announce that during a certain period of time (for instance 1 month) writing in the Forum will be rewarded with $MUSIC, for both the artists and listeners;
  • We invite all the Musicoiner artists to share here their presentation, their gigs calendar, collaboration proposals, etc.;
  • To avoid some Forum users abuses (posting meaningless messages with the sole purpose of harvesting reputation points, i.e. $MUSIC, haha), during that “Dynamisation month” the only users allowed to distribute reputation points will be the Forum administrators (@Zeljko-Stanojkovski , @Asterios-Papastamatakis , @vg, @niuQuin , @Ijatz-Iximulew – perhaps I’m forgetting a couple of them 😉 );
  • The earned $MUSIC would be equal, at the end of that month, to the amount of reputation points each user will have accumulated (including the points obtained before the Dynamisation month, for rewarding the users fidelity).

What do you think of that Proof of Writing formula? (btw, Proof of Writing -> PoWr -> Power -> Musicoin Power)

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Dear fellow Musicoiners, we’re all invited to listen here to the Keynote presentation:

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I herebelow share an announcement made by our South African Ambassador, @edprivat:

Hello everyone!!

As discussed with @Dj Lethal Skillz and @niuQuin, here is the link to the first Artzone (Steemit curators) & Musicoin contest, everyone is welcome to join, ambassadors included. ​

The prize pool is 30 STEEM AND 10k MUSIC.
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
The rules of the contest are explained in the post, we can extend for another week if needed!


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First, I’d like to express deep thanks and congratulations to the dev team for the new Musicoin website frontend! I feel that as artists / listeners / ambassadors, especially when we know littke or nothing about coding, we’re as quick as lightning (not referring to Bitcoin, haha) in writing claims and insatisfactions, and sometimes plainly silent when it comes to celebrate the (mainly volunteer) work already done 🙂 This new frontpage is flashy, by far better organized and more attractive than the previous one!

I open this thread to invite all Musicoin community members to add here their improvements suggestions and correction petitions, in a constructive and fraternal perspective.

After all we’re here to help each other 🙂

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Deaaar fellow Musicoiners, you caaan’t imagine my happiness for finding out some minutes ago that now the native Musicoin frontend website player allows me to listen to the songs uploaded on our platform!!

Since I haven’t changed or updated anything on my old Android “smartphone”, I suppose this improvement derives from the devs work, so: KUUUDOS to all of you 😄

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Wooow, it seems this time the competition is more open than ever! Three Ambassadors already voted, and all three for a different artist 🙂

I’ll dedicate the day to listen to 3 or 4 tunes of each musical proposal, and make up my mind 😛

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Hello @zeljko-stanojkovski, and all other fellow Musicoiners!

This proposal seems to be a “light-bearer” one, as other Musicoin team members have stressed, and I’d be happy to see it implemented. It reminds us that one of Musicoin’s strenghts is our communitary empowerment through forging a monetary policy!

At the same time, adopting such a decision requires to base it on a shared “trusted picture” of the current monetary situation (i.e. our currency production).

I remember our miners “forge” more or less 1,500,000 $MUSIC available per day, for us to distribute among the Musicoin artists. A question that may come to mind is: multiplying by 3 the $MUSIC amount we send every time we play a tune, combined with the (fortunately 😉 ) growing number of listeners on our platform will it not drive us beyond the currently available daily $MUSIC pool? Or the previously mined $MUSIC amounts since the launch of the UBI that have not been distributed (because there simply hasn’t been enough Musicoiners to “use” all that crypto till now 🙂 ) have they been somehow stored in a “common chest” to be used in a case like this 3MC per play proposal?

It’s probable I’m missing some element of the complete picture in our monetary cycle, and this coming change offers a good opportunity to rectify my eventual misconception 🙂

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@dominique-de-witte Sans préjuger de la teneur de la réponse certainement avisée de @Crakk-Falgas, si j’étais toi je commencerais de toute facon à miner du Musicoin, pour quatre raisons:

  • il reste encore deux ou trois mois de “Musicoin pas cher”;
  • changer de pièce à miner est une affaire de quelques minutes (comme installer n’importe quel logiciel);
  • en minant du Musicoin nous manifestons, au-delà de l’aspect strictement pécuniaire, notre confiance et notre solidarité envers la Communauté (rappelons-nous que c’est jusqu’ici l’activité des mineurs qui finance l’écoute gratuite des morceaux partagés sur Musicoin);
  • et, sur le plan de la rentabilité du minage de MC, tout dépendra de la valorisation future de la monnaie. Si chaque Musicoin atteint dans un an $2 (c’est-à-dire 100 fois plus qu’aujourd’hui, mais 5000 fois moins que le Bitcoin, dont l’usage est pourtant de bien moindre concrétude et portée que celui du MC…), je suis prêt à parier que tu rembourseras rapidement ton “rig” 🙂 - si tu “HODL” tes Musicoins, bien sûr. J’ai vu que certains artistes sont dèjà occupés à les sortir de leur portefeuille pour les dépenser, ce qui est totalement légitime, mais probablement un calcul à courte vue.
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Hello @volareo “talking head”, hehe. Taking seriously @DeeJay-DarkStorm’s proposal: could each dev create his/her Musicoin profile, for us to be able to tip their work? (and to weave a direct relation too 🙂 )

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