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Starting playing keyboards at a young age i took a keen interest in the music and how it was arranged, through school i picked up other instruments to learn new skills including drums and vocals… by the time i was a teenager in the early 90s i had discovered Cubase and Octamed so started sequencing entire tracksand distributed them amongst friends or family and occasionally the DJs at the local clubs as cassettes… as technology progressed and I grew older and had a family music fell by the wayside as I had kids and a job and all other stuff that happens when you grow up but my love of music became a commited hobby… the last 3 years or so have seen me spending more and more time with music either as a solo producer or with other musicians. I do a lot of remixes and remakes (legally) and original music without any fixed genre… one minute you have hip hop then its hardcore. I am not a musician but available to collaborate with other artists in various roles and have done so.

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The track I share with you below has an almost 30 years of evolution behind it. initially i had composed it with cubase on an atari ST was back around 1992/93… I just left school, there was no internet, no streaming platforms for people hear your music. I composed and recorded a crude version and exported it as a midi file with cubase, almost 10 years later when moving i found the disk in the attic and imported it to fruityloops, the old FLStudio… after remapping it i recorded it again and kinda forgot about it until some time in 2010, i recomposed and recorded it again with some vsts instead of the midi wave table, roll forward to 2018, i rediscovered the FLP file and cleaned it up, recomposed it and remastered it for a much nicer feel… this particular piece is special to me for many reasons, so after spending 3/4 of my life perfecting this piece to what it is today its time to share it with others

feedback greatly appreciated

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Im excited to see the growth of musicoin in the coming years, its only gonna sky rocket

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any plans for now or the future for a wordpress plugin for musicoin? emedding players doesnt display right on the wordpress platform either as code or integrated to another embed shortcode plugin

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I’ve been trying to embed players on a wordpress based site but when I do the embed area is far ambler than the player itself leaving visible scrollbars which you gotta scroll around to find the play button cos they are hidden out of view in the iframe

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Have you got the acapella stem available, I’d like to see what I can do with it if anything, I Base a lot of tracks round the acapellas rather than the other way round? So it may end up something other than metal

posted in General Discussion read more … some of them are licensed to personal use or the label but others have a fair share policy

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Hey guys (and gals), this summer im taking part in a charity white collar boxing match for cancer research UK. Im in fighting shape although my boxing skills take a lot to be desired, but win or lose its for a good cause… I have been told I can select my own entrance theme music, so ive started working on a track dubbed “sucker punch” that I plan on using… but this is where musicoin comes in. I will upload the track to this platform and all tips recieved on it between the release and the fight itself I will personally donate to the charity

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After purchasing FLStudio Mobile I got into the bug of making music only using a mobile phone, enjoy the latest offering, New Dawn, a remake of one of my older tracks (original version not on musicoin)

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Hey guys, I have a question for the admins or indeed anyone that is able to answer this question for me. I joined a remix website, the rules for every remix vary, some permit uploading what you do in whole or part to any and/or as many music sharing platforms as we like so ling as the original artist is credited in the remix… and thats my question, theres rules here in muscoin basically stating that we cant upload any licensed samples on our work… but if the rules of using the remix parts state we can upload o any platform where do muscoin staff stand with that? would i be allowed under the conditions of the original?

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