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Iced Note Music a new independent music & video production company and record label, based in the UK with affiliate offices and studios in Italy. We deal in mainstream style music but are not averse to any genres, as along as the music and production quality is high.

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@gjart Yep they're working now.

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Hi Tom when I click on the ,musicoin links I get an error message, just thought you should know.

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@soundphaser Awesome thank you so much, we we're a bit confused. Many Thanks.

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@soundphaser Hey thanks for the listen and comment, much appreciated, Yes our producer is an awesome guy, he really does work very hard to make the production work as high in quality as possible. We're lucky to have him on the team and as a partner in Iced Note Music. Top class guy.

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@butch-robins Hey how're you doin', we have already opened a feed about this topic, might be an idea to reply on that feed, that way we can keep all the replies together and the admin guys can check them out easier.
Have a great day.

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@gemayel Just keep hitting the button. If you read the message it tells you how many MC's you have to distribute. If you have more than 1 you have to hit the button until all MC's have been distributed.

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Hello to all at musicoin,
Since we begun using musicoin we've uploaded 4 releases, we have now finally decided how our releases should look, more precisely, how the titles should be written, we were trying to get into our first uploads to edit the titles, we're not sure if we're missing something or if it's simply not possible, could you please advise. Many thanks and have a great day.

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Great New release from Iced Note Music
Non Puoi (You Can't) by Gianluca Buresta - Italian Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist
Our first release for 2018 in general, looks like it's set to be a decisive year for us, especially on the Musicoin platform. We're really looking forward to seeing what this new year offers.

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@im Yep definitely a problem syncing to the chain, I've tried twice, just trying out transferring small amount of 10 MC. on the profile page it says Payment Sent but in the desktop wallet the amount remains 0.00, we tried creating a second account on the desktop wallet being as the first one didn't work and still no joy.

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@neon-insect Love the idea of being able to sell merchandising from the platform, that's an excellent idea. I thought listeners earn coins by commenting and liking I'm not sure though. Certainly doesn't say anything anywhere about it.

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