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Happy UFO day earthlings!


Music video for “UAP” collaboration with Pyramus

UAP - Unidentified Aerial Phenomena


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@terravault_1 said in THE WEEK OF TECHNO:

…this release was produced professionally for over $2000 in Germany and USA, so it’s not possible to have something new every 2 months in this quality.

don’t want to sound like a hater because I did like the tracks, but…$2000…lol wut?.. who cares how much money you threw at it?..

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weird… don’t people want some original instrumentals that they don’t have to pay money for?..all just one DM or an email away…

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@jeffguitar beautiful and deep composition! reminded me a little of System of a Down but more melodic and acoustic ofcourse=) and a nice clean live video to go along, just brilliant!

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Hey MusiFamily! Check out my single “Data” along with the official music video I made!=) Keep your data backed up!;) Much Love! #WeAreNameless



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@toyo such sweet vibes of the song fit vety well with the visuals=) great job!

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@zeljko-stanojkovski no, thank you! for this awesome platform!=) just happy to be a part and be able to contribute!

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@ijatz-guatemala said in Musicoin Music Video Contest?:

Heelllooo @iamnicknames, nice to Musicoin you! 😄

How fruitful is the proposal you’ve made!

What would you think of promoting it, to begin with, along these 2 lines?:

  • to set up an “official Musicoin Video Contest” every 15 days (it requires talking with the dev team for them to open a dedicated space on the main website page, like the one already existing for the weekly song contest);

  • creating this same thread on Steemit.com, inviting all the Musicoiners who own a Steemit profile (we’re quite a bunch) to spread the word and of course to vote for the videoclip they most like.

Let’s get this alive and kicking 😄

I could not agree more! I think the community has spoken!=) #WeAreNameless

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Check out my song “Human Music” and the animated music video that I made for it=) Much Love! #WeAreNameless #WeAreOne



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