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Born on August 11th, 1986, Hydro Hellsing shares a birthday with the genre of Hip-Hop itself. As an Emcee and Beat maker, his craft consists of both old school and new school elements that combine to make a sound all genders and age groups can enjoy greatly. He also embraces his fans fully.

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It happened to me a couple of times too, usually refreshing the page a few times did the trick or leaving the site and coming back again. But other than that it was probably just clearing Cache/Cookies/Browser history like Zeljko said.

If none of that works you can try from different browsers. Zeljko's admin so if you trust him with it you could always ask him or another user that you actually know you can trust if you can send them the mp3 and form information so they can they upload it for you, you can transfer your Musicoins to a desktop wallet or wherever your wallet is first in case your worried about them being messed with.

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A bulk enable feature would be handy though I haven't checked to see if there is one yet, but to enable all tracks or a list to check off the uploaded tracks we want to enable for DJ mixes would be good.

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I used Bravesites for mine, I need to edit the player size though since I embedded those before the player update. http://hydrohellsing.bravesites.com/

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@volareo Yeah that too, people can visit their own site for the autoplay or do the clickbait thing, the average visit a website by mistake etc. I was also thinking that people messing with the players source code could enable autoplay, I don't know about that though.

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A collaborative Poster would be a good idea, put a CC license (Creative Commons) with the file giving Musicoin Artists the rights to edit and submit. Have a little registry for Artists to add their names to the list of people involved and allowed to edit.

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I don't think they have Autoplay yet, I have a catalog of songs on my site so I don't intend to use it if they add it. It's a good Idea if people want to spotlight a track on their site though.

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I still think there should be a separate forum for listeners, we don't want the forum crowded with Artists' and fans, that's bad business all around lol. It would be an overload for moderators and probably a concern with artists' as far as trolls/personal attacks/crazy ass piece of crap stalkers etc. Could bring in bots as well.

Personally I don't even think anyone should be able to view the forums except artists', especially now after this Roseanne Barr saga, not that people on here are racist, but people are judging online presence and every little statement regardless of humor or intention, plus people are quick to misinterpret or completely take out of context comments.

And than of course like comedy, music is something untamed as it should be, but people will make demands to the site regardless of a forum for any lyrics/artist they don't like. The world's a changin' lol people messed around and opened Pandora's Box so expect a lot of backlash for every little thing.

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@antti-vainionpää That happened to me a few times, I just had to refresh the page and re-upload, if that doesn't work try cleaning your browser, delete the cookies/browsing history etc. If none of that works try a different browser.

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