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Born on August 11th, 1986, Hydro Hellsing shares a birthday with the genre of Hip-Hop itself. As an Emcee and Beat maker, his craft consists of both old school and new school elements that combine to make a sound all genders and age groups can enjoy greatly. He also embraces his fans fully.

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@m-i-n-d There’s a way to make a playlist with the embed code. For your website you can either do the playlist or embed the tracks separately like I did for mine. Official Website

Here’s the embed code, just change the name and track links and see how it works for you, if you can’t get it right than yeah embed the tracks like I did on my site until they get playlists goin’.

MJMoonbow aka Tinman 4 months ago: Look guys this is rapoerts code. you can use it on your page… just adapt it to your tracks

<SCRIPT language=“JavaScript”>
// musicoin embedded playlist BETA 0.7 coded by @rapoet

var trackList=[

[“0x5377cc429ef1b5ef30fcb54c5d8affe891d1535d”, “Funk---------║ Brag – Kahsay”, 3, 12],
[“0x22acf74df6c419bda75ad18ff80175f261b4ccfb”, “Electronica-║ Slavery – Fiction: The Antipop”, 3, 12],
[“0x5f3538c2473759d5b20bf6eb5df1b018410db9ea”, “Electronica-║ In Touch With The Dead by THESPEAKERBREAKER”, 4, 13],
[“0x2fce4c3016c0654b94c9cc0f8ab798a57789faf1”, “Rock---------║ Mona Lisa - Juxta”, 3, 41],
[“0x01ebf1393094b36a03b2cc140de5e2aa837e9f83”, “Songwriter–║ Ode to a Friend (TC Newman Remix) by Jon Magnusson”, 3, 53],
[“0xcd6e13648835d094043c13962a06a3a4a7d94ecd”, “Electronic—║ Binary Being by T. C. Newman”, 3, 33],
[“0x3bf00d390aa5736b804b6c7bf42d8ddbc088b4e0”, “Electronica-║ Obedub (Edit) by Spaceschneider”, 3, 21],
[“0x7980abb5b25e6c8c666bb8f8b11ff6f83a0b5140”, “Electronica-║ Un día de aburrimiento by Walter Fini”, 4, 11],
[“0xd6259f20e873d69aa369072e2f73a61f58a864d7”, “Metal---------║ Path Of The Death by Omega Kane”, 4, 27],
[“0x2514266a588290115852a7db76bbc1ce32fb91be”, “Electronic—║ Forget by DNPQ”, 2, 57],
[“0x478f9f9a92ee5490a6a9df93037f996e333a89e2”, “Electronic—║ In Absentia Lucis Tenebrae Vincunt (Unmastered) by Taphophilia”,4, 23],
[“0xf08a96db7c4b47de18392235a0104bc1820b70bc”, “Electronic—║ Symbyotic Frequencies - Featuring Musicar by Clubfungus”,6, 28],
[“0xb969b74040b3ee1eadbf6be8581ea787d0874168”, “Dance/Trap║ Dance! (feat. Kristin) - Raven”,4, 27],
[“0xb969b74040b3ee1eadbf6be8581ea787d0874168”, “HipHop/Trap║ What Do Knees Do? by Hydro Hellsing”,5, 23],
[“0x8b659774303f2a2ffa44da7ad09b4e9c0898dc74”, “Electronic—║ Sunday Thinker - Sam Prock”, 1, 45],
[“0x6570d398c5e524d92a93e080df332922f9808e5a”, “Electronica–║ Wiedaeinmal – MJ Moonbow”,2, 19],
[“0x748bd8be7f6c3978b071a8d9e82be9836fee3a5b”, “<b>Tip the Developer:</b><br>Confused (Chapter 2)”, 1, 59]
]; whenYouUpdated =“11.03.2018”;
var skipd; thePlayList=""; secs=""; shufl=""; playD=""; stoP=""; preStop=""; mins=0; topCount=0; randUm=0;

function loadTracks()
{topCount = trackList.length-1; thePlayList +=’<b>$MUSICOIN Top ‘+trackList.length+’ </b> Updated ‘+whenYouUpdated+’<ol>’;
for (i=0; i<trackList.length; i++){if(trackList[i][3]<10){secs=“0”;}
thePlayList += ‘<li> <a href=“https://musicoin.org/track/’+trackList[i][0]+’”>’+trackList[i][1]+’</a> ‘+trackList[i][2]+’:’+secs+trackList[i][3]+’</li>’; secs="";}
preStop=“false”; document.getElementById(“trackLinks”).innerHTML=thePlayList; nextHit();}

function nextHit(){if(shufl==“is on”){ranDum();} topCount++; if(topCount==trackList.length){topCount=0;}
document.getElementById(“playcoins”).innerHTML=’<iframe width=“100%” src=“https://musicoin.org/embedded-player/’+trackList[topCount][0]+’?embedded=true&autoQueue=true&preview=’+preStop+’” frameborder=“0” scrolling=“no” allowfullscreen></iframe>’;
playD=‘loading track ‘+(topCount+1); if(preStop==“true”){playD=(topCount+1)+’ stopped’;} document.getElementById(“trackPlayed”).innerHTML=playD;
mins=trackList[topCount][2]*60000+trackList[topCount][3]*1000; skipd=setTimeout(function(){nextHit();}, mins);}

function ranDum(){var wheN=new Date(); randUm=wheN.getMilliseconds()%trackList.length;
if(topCount-1==randUm){topCount=randUm+(trackList.length/2); if(topCount>=trackList.length){topCount=topCount-trackList.length;}} else{topCount=randUm;}}

function shufIt(){clearTimeout(skipd); if(shufl==“is on”){shufl="";} else{shufl=“is on”;}
document.getElementById(“buttons”).innerHTML=’ SHUFFLE '+shufl; nextHit();}
function skipIt(){clearTimeout(skipd); nextHit();}
function stopIt(){clearTimeout(skipd); if(stoP==“PLAY|>”){stoP=“STOP[]”; preStop=“false”;}
else{stoP=“PLAY|>”; preStop=“true”;} document.getElementById(“bustop”).innerHTML=stoP; nextHit();}

<style type=“text/css”>
body {background-color:#000000; color: #FFFFFF; font-family:Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;}
a:link {color:#0492C5; text-decoration: none;}
a:visited {color:#0492C5; text-decoration: none;}
a:hover {color:#E9C20B; text-decoration: none;}
.dontBreak{float:left; text-align:left;}

<body onload=“loadTracks();”>

Rapoets musicoin playlist <font color=“ff0000”>BETA 0.7 (takes a minute to load)</font>
<br><br><div id=“playcoins” style=“padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;”> . </div>
<div class=“dontBreak” id=“buttons0” style=“padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;”>## <a href="#" onclick=“shufIt();”></div>
<div class=“dontBreak” id=“buttons” style=“padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;”> SHUFFLE </div>
<div class=“dontBreak” id=“button1” style=“padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;”>
</a>##<a href="#" onclick=“skipIt();”>SKIP|>|></a> ##<a href="#" onclick=“stopIt();”></div>
<div class=“dontBreak” id=“bustop” style=“padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;”>STOP[]</div></a> ##

<div id=“trackLinks” style=“padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;”>Check these artists!</div></ol>
<div id=“trackPlayed” style=“padding: 0px; overflow-y:visible; border:0px;”>Check these artists!</div>

If you like this playlist, leave a tip for the DJ,
<a href=“https://musicoin.org/artist/0x2bc6a3a65edca036b12970e2eb4f705e04f4600c”>
MJ Moonbow</a>.<br>
If you use this embeddable player, leave a tip for the developer
<a href=“https://musicoin.org/nav/artist/0x2b24c7244c509f2ddfb32597c6d820fc2449d213”>
@RapOet</a> on $Musicoin.


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What’s your profile link?

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@maelstrohmblack If it took you to the Artist profile you clicked the wrong link. You clicked the links under “Check Artist’s Here”. You have to click the artist name above that where it lists the names to vote for. This week’s over though, try it in week 28.

I took a screenshot of week 28, click the name of your vote where the badly drawn (Lol) arrow is, and than click vote.

0_1532327678984_Vote For Artist.jpg

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I’ll also accept Paypal transactions at $10.00 USD more or less depending on what’s involved.

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@ijatz-guatemala That’s why I suggested split forums/sections for fans and artists’. There’s always going to be a friend/family/social media fan base, artist’s aren’t going to be able to compete, and when it comes to social media not all bought and paid for followers are bots and they still vote.

That’s why I think there should be a separation of contest’s. The artist/genre of the week should be verified musician picks. For fans, I think artist curated contests should come full front on that, we run our own contest’s and let fans get in on that, it’s a more fair construction that way. Artist’s are still going to vote for each other to reciprocate support but even that’s more fair than letting just anybody vote.

We’ll see what Admin decides though.

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@maelstrohmblack I use Chrome browser on PC. But really it depends on the users device/browser/add-ons. What I mean is, if you and I are on at the same time, and we’re using the same browser, but your experiencing problems that I’m not, it pretty much means it’s your device rather than a coding issue you know.

I don’t know about the forum but the main site’s still in Beta so it’s gonna have problems until that’s finished. For the forum, again, I haven’t experienced the problems your having to the degree your having them, like I said the artist box to tick hasn’t shown up for me for months, I just clicked the name and than vote and it worked, so I can’t comment on your particular problem, it could either be the forum or your device.

I will say though, if you’ve used different browsers, and are still having the same issues, than it leads me to believe even more that it’s your device rather than the forum, you could always try using a friend or relatives device just to try it out, a couple of different people’s devices in fact just to be sure.

These are just suggestions, I’m not tellin’ you your wrong about the issues, you might be right.

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@maelstrohmblack I haven’t had the vote button appear for a long time, all I had to do was click the artists’ name and than vote and it worked.

As far as the login loop I’ve never once experienced that and I come here every day multiple times, there was only a few weeks I didn’t but I’ve been on often again and I still haven’t experienced that at all so it sounds like something to do with your device or browser, possibly a browser extension if you use any.

Take now for example, I posted this and scrolled up and the voting chart isn’t even there, if I refresh it it’ll probably be there but it happens sometimes, not too often though, that’s normal stuff that’s gonna happen even when the site’s out of beta, happens everywhere so it’s no worry.

Yep, I just refreshed it and voila, the chart appeared lol. It happens, could’ve been my browser though so it’s no concern really.

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Send me the pictures or just decently detailed Idea and I can get somethin’ going for you. 1,000 MC’s should do it, can go lower depending on what your lookin’ for. Here’s samples from my own releases.

0_1532219352507_Drain The Swamp.jpg
0_1532219418660_If I Don't Know Ya.jpg
0_1532219467681_Hollow Ground.jpg
0_1532219513780_Unlucky Enough To Be Lucky.jpg
0_1532219542836_People Grinnin'.jpg
0_1532219590005_Lucky To Be Unlucky.jpg

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@seveaux Lol I’m thinkin more like someone created a bunch of accounts and voted for themselves but either way it’s a simple matter of letting only verified musicians vote, separate contests for fans vote can be done later when Musicoin gains more steam like that.

I still think this forum should be private access for artists’ only and a separate one for fans, or split into sections and our section be made private, the artist of the week votes should still be done by verified artists’ only even than, and have different contests’ for fans.

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