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Born on August 11th, 1986, Hydro Hellsing shares a birthday with the genre of Hip-Hop itself. As an Emcee and Beat maker, his craft consists of both old school and new school elements that combine to make a sound all genders and age groups can enjoy greatly. He also embraces his fans fully.

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@puneet-kumar You pretty much go to the folder it extracted to and clik the app icon. After that you need to let the wallet sync before you add your account.

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@fresh-produce The embed player doesn't work on Facebook yet, only Twitter right now. They just have to click on the link and listen on your Artist Page or go to your Twitter.

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@taylor-angus I'd pretty much say read the exchange's recommendation, since Bittrex exchanges Musicoin I would imagine the Musicoin Wallet will work, if not than MyEtherWallet which is an online Wallet. Just make sure you send a small amount first to make sure the transfer goes through so you don't lose any large amount of coins.

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@breez I'm not sure, but Cryptopia's been having a lot of problems lately a lot of people are saying, I guess they can't transfer their cyrpto or something like that, I haven't seen anyone complain about Bittrex but that's basically because I haven't seen any users say anything, although I did look up an exchange list when I posted that earlier and Bittrex topped Cryptopia.

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@taylor-angus So your saying you had almost $300 worth of Musicoins and you transferred it into your wallet? Did you download the musicoin wallet app or do you have an online wallet? Whichever it is you have to use an exchange and convert the Musicoins into bitcoin than sell the bitcoin on the exchange for the money, than you should be able to transfer it to your bank account or debit card, whichever you have.

You can't send from Musicoin to an exchange yet, you have to send it to your wallet first, than send it from your wallet to an exchange.

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@volareo Yeah but for the average artist or the artist just getting started it would be quite a while before concerts and merch could be distributed, I have a clothing line called Fresh Urb but the online prices are expensive and I only get a $3 cut from each sale, I'm looking to get a screen printing kit at some point to do it myself.

Like I said they're gonna get the music anyway if they really want it lol, but until an actual fanbase is grown or Musicoin/Sponsors put up front money we're pretty much gonna deal with streams and tips for a while first.

For contests' it depends on the money that comes from the music, like said above the volareo speakers are a nice prize, maybe let fans themselves collaborate, music gear like home studio package or Mic's, Phones, Tablets, Streaming Boxes like Roku and the like. It really comes down to what we can afford at the time and what Musicoin's on, the mobile app has yet to be made so a Musicoin Roku channel's probably a ways off as well lol.

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@asterios-papastamatakis I don't know about automatically though, if they add like a DRM feature (Digital Rights Management) I wouldn't mind, people share and upload to torrents all the time, there's people in the Facebook groups that tell everyone to contact them if they need DAW's and all kinds of software like everyday.

And to that point, there's so many audio/video capture plugins for browsers and download managers that people wouldn't even need to spend the coins, so whether we enabled the download or not people would still get the songs, so I'd like to see some DRM capability if it's possible.

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@asterios-papastamatakis I think I read in the listener info that they intend to make our tracks downloadable, hopefully it's a feature we enable ourselves.

For contact they can send us an email, or better yet to avoid any malware and such they can put a contact form on our public profile.

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Contests', shoutouts on tracks, autographs, thing's like that.

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