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@dave-postington grandgrandgrand
Loss of investment is not angry because of that.
The representative’s statement is false and there is no explanation.
It is not notified.
Even if you become a representative of trust, it’s hard to succeed.
MusiCoin is too big for CEO’s risk.
It is changing like a scam coin.

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mind shield !!!

But look at the fact …

I thought he was clean.

So I started mining and investing from the beginning.

Everything is becoming a lie.

  1. There is no alternative.

  2. No innovation.

  3. You do not seem to have the ability to lead the platform.

  4. often lie and incite

  5. do not notice

It’s common for poor projects around.

The future will probably be dark

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It was also a lie.

One billion things that issac mao said are lies …

About three months ago, issac mao told us that by 2020 there are not more than a billion.

But it has already exceeded one billion.

At that time, the average price was 150 Satoshi

Now 60 satoshi

This breaks trust in Musicoin.

It is turning into a meaningless coin.

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“ISSAC MAO” talked about 1 billion by 2020

10 million remaining

2mc?, 3mc?

Roadmap not properly built from scratch

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Many people are hoping.

Development can be delayed.
( but, first thought should not change. = You need to communicate transparently.)

  1. Of the 314 rewards, there are 250 mining rewards, 50 musicians rewards, and 14 development rewards
    Q1. After 2,222,222 blocks, 35,000,000 MUSICOIN ready for musicians to use?
    (Not used for you at the exchange?)

  2. By 2020, that there are not more than 1 billion … WHY? Do not write on the TITLE board?
    Q1. How many blocks does the decline begin?

MUSICOIN wants to make a real revolution.

Efforts not to become scam coin

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nice to meet you.
I am very worried.
Now, “musicoin” should show the indicator, not the possibility.
People mine “musicoin”, sell it to the market and buy it in the market.
With what? By “bitcoin”.
1/15 compared to peak
When purchasing “musicoin”, they admired the prospect and change of “musicoin”.
But now it is not.
Communication is not normal, and there are too many to hide.
That’s why everyone will guess.
There is a forum to announce and communicate.
our team “musicoin” mining but also music content and sw development team.
At first, we tried to prepare a business model in connection with “MusiCoin”, but now we are anxious
but I think we have to worry about other options.
So it is so depressing.
I want to tell “issac mao”.
“Greed creates a problem.”

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  1. Is it less than one billion issues by 2020?
  2. When does the reward of the block decrease?
  3. When does posh run?
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