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Once again Musicoin is undergoing maintenance on Cryptopia.
Will we again have lost coins in space? LOL
Let's wait

0_1519402799456_print musicoin.jpeg

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@khaiim It worked

thank you so much

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Congratulations on your code helped me a lot!
Is there any way to start the player in "Shuffle is on" mode?

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When creating the wallet, did you set up the upper tab on the right as CUSTOM and followed the steps of the link I posted?

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@asterios-papastamatakis See this Link
Here is the step by step

After doing the steps and connecting the Myetherwallet.

  • Create a new wallet (it's in the top menu)
  • so you will have a Key (save carefully) and your wallet number just like it works in the Musicoin Web Wallet
  • Send your Musioins to your wallet number on MyetherWallet
  • Again in the top menu go to Send Ether & Tokens there will appear the balance that you received from the web wallet and you should put the address of your wallet in Cryptopia

that is all

If you need help let me know

Good luck

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It worked!
Web Wallet => Myetherwallet => Cryptopia
I no longer need to depend on the sync of the musicoin wallet.

Great solution!

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I'm using version 0.8 and I can not sync.
I try to add peers manually but the following error appears:

Failed to add peer: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

Already check the firewall is disabled and the BIOS clock aligned with the

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today I started using the Musicoin Wallet.
Version 0.8 does not work on OSX 10.12.6 it does not start.
I'm using version 0.7 but it stays for a long time loading Peers. You're already more than 1 hour into sync and you've only found 25 peers so far. With you, does that happen too?

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Anyone still have problems with Cryptopia?
I made a transfer to my wallet in cryptopia 10 days ago and so far it has not been effective.
I already opened called in support but also they did not respond to me.

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