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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. The only way I was able to get the wallet to sync again was to delete the blockchain file on my macbook and then reopen the wallet. I then restored my account and the wallet synced and my funds are now there. However when I close and reopen the wallet it no longer syncs and I can’t send any funds because the wallet is not synced?!!

I’ve downloaded the nightly version and it seems to have connected, it took a few minutes. I will keep an eye on it an will report back


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Hi Guys

I was wondering if you could help?

I downloaded and installed the OSx desktop wallet and set up a new account. The wallet synced automatically, I then created an artist page and uploaded some tracks. I sent out some referrals and earn’t some music so I decided to test sending it to my desktop wallet as I plan on mining this coin soon. The transfer went through but the desktop wallet is not synced and my fund are not displaying. The money is in the account as i can see it in explorer.

Hope you can help

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